Young Female Rabbit - New Zealand: "Pepper"

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Breed: New Zealand
Age: Young
Sex: Female
Size: L

Update from Oct 2017: Pepper has been spayed and her litter habits are impeccable. She loves people and is quite the social bunny. She will run to meet you if she’s out of her pen, or race to the top to stand for pets, or jump up onto the couch to visit. Pepper does have a tendency to grab clothing when she wants attention and try to chew on the wood baseboards. We are working on breaking both of those habits. When out of her pen she may choose to run around the room, binky and leap over things, or spread out in a relaxed fashion in any of her favourite spots. With summer here, she loves to be right in front of the fan. If the window is open, she will stand on her hind legs to smell the air. She loves to look out the window and will sit on the top level of her pen to do that or will climb onto the piano bench and under the curtain to look out – the neighbours enjoy that! When she receives her fresh produce she will root through the bowl to find the bit of carrot or parsnip, before running to a corner to enjoy it (I believe she thinks we may steal it). She enjoys timothy, oat, and orchard grasses. Pellets are her favourite and she will knock over anyone in her way when she sees them coming out (perhaps a bit of an exaggeration) Pepper needs a family with plenty of time to give her. And she will give a lot of love back. Pepper is one of GIas babies. Gia came to us as part of a large scale rescue back in Aug 2016 and Pepper was only 1 day old. She loves being out and being near you. You have to be very careful when walking because, even when you think she’s on the other side of the room, she will find her way under your feet when you go to move. She jumps on everything – people, couch, boxes – and binkies continually. She’s a very loving bunny. She loves to play and loves toys. A little story from her foster mom: Yesterday, my daughter put her cup on the floor and Pepper knocked it over. While the water was being cleaned up, Pepper stuck her head into the cup and took off with it. What followed was almost 30 minutes of her putting her head into the cup, walking around that way, dropping the cup, grabbing it and flipping it into the air, chasing it around the room. She will be spayed as soon as she is old enough.
Cambridge, N3C 0E6
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