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We are a small team of Microsoft Access and Excel experts, available today to help you get started with your projects. Confidently, we make Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access do exactly what your small or large Business, Government Agency, or Educational Institution needs it to in quick and cost effective directions.

We can either develop quick and cost effective solutions or logically teach you how to manage your projects

MS-EXCEL Excel is our passion, be it consulting, programming, or classes and training. If it can be done in MS Excel, we have undoubtedly done it so many times before with satisfaction. These skills transfer to accounting, finance, investments, and general business. We can teach you all about Excel, how to use microsoft Excel, and how to excel in Excel. Or on the other hand we are ready to develop a top of the line intelligent automated system quickly and cost effectively.

Automated Solutions Pivot table report generation Graphical representations and charting Enhanced sophisticated calculations and data analysis

MS-ACCESS Access is our sophisticated solutions software. Measurable Improvement excites us. Database design, friendly interfaces, development, automation, reporting, and integration leaves measurable results. Results you can convert into time, and then into labor hours. And Access is always a critical time saver for any business, government agency, or educational institution. Access system is a perfect solutions for a group of users to share its resources. Shave days, hours, and minutes, via a graphical interface point and click Access forms and switchboards anyone can use, without knowing much of Microsoft Access !

Support and improvements of your current projects Custom Database Applications System Integration Ongoing Support & Upgrades for your Database Additional functionalities to you existing applications as required by you. Enhance and Upsize your Database with New Features Online Databases

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