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Hello all,

My name is Mike. I would like to consider myself a good researcher and negotiator that has resulted in many friends and family getting great deals on products and services. I am offering these services on a 1 client at a time personal service at $20 an hr with minum of an hr charged.

1) Client requests what he/she wants researched or negotiated in email

2 I accept or decline or explain that I am presently serving a client and will get back to you shortly.

3) Once accepted the client will need to leave a contact number or may choose to remain anonymous by carrying out our business interactions via email. If the client wishes to be contacted via phone all steps of our interaction in regards to my services to you will be sent in email for both our protection and to assure no funny business or misunderstandings occur. You will then be required to leave the minimum hr payment via email transfer or PayPal. Once received I will commence my work for you in the duty requested.

4) You will be contacted every time I need additional time for the duty requested unless a specific time and payment have already been agreed upon and only if additional time is needed you will be contacted or because of completion of task with results.

Let's be honest.. todays world is very fast paced and people have little to no time to do anything or want to do anything after a days work other than spend time with their family, loved ones and friends or activities that put the smiles on our faces where they belong. Allow me to save you the time needed to research and negotiate these things in life and let's not forget.. save you money. I look forward to meeting you and have a great day!

This is my time so please refrain from any illegal requests because they will be ignored and reported if needed. I thank all who have taken the time to consider my services and look forward to working for you. contact me via

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