Teacher for Manual-stick shift cars

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Hi all, my name is Mike. Do you want to buy or currently own a manual transmission car and don't know how to drive it? I've driven mostly manual transmission cars all my life and have only owned manual transmission cars. I learned to drive manual on a volkswagen dune buggy. I love cars. I've driven all kinds, from the most basic to exotics. I currently own a tuned 2012 civic si. I'm a very patient guy and would be able to teach someone with no experience to become perfectly comfotable behind the wheel. My rate is $20 an hr. You can schedule me for the time you need to feel comfortable on the road Monday to thursday. Friday and weekends my rate is $35 an hr and this depends on my availability. You must provide your own car. please contact me at luckyakuma@hotmail.com for further information or questions. Have a great day and hope to speak with you soon.

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