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Available (downtown Halifax area accessible by bus only, flexible hours) I DON'T DO BOARDING FOR CATS OR DOGS $10/hr Dog Walking & Pet/House Drop-Ins/Check-Ins / Pet Sitting ($10-20/day or $50-$100/wk) *Prices can be flexible within reason for those on a limited budget (based on availability)

HOUSE DROP-INS/CHECK-INS/ETC If you just wanted me to water a few potted plants, take out a bit of garbage/compost/etc, take in mail, scatter lights/blinds, run water, etc it'd be $10 per drop-in (up to an hour depending on necessity). If you needed me to water a garden, rake leaves, mow the lawn, shovel snow (you'd provide the rake/bags, mower/gas, shovel, etc), clean the outside of a car (of dirt/snow, outside only), do some light tidying/cleaning/vacuuming/laundry (you'd provide all the cleaning supplies including suitable cleaning gloves if needed, cleaning fluid/spray, sponges/scrubbers/etc, duster, broom, vacuum, etc), or pick up a few groceries, etc (what I can pick up via shopping/luggage/thermal bags on the bus) it'd be $10+ for up to each hour (depending on necessity, + cost of groceries/laundry/etc).

DOG WALKING / PET DROP-INS/CHECK-INS Non-aggressive, manageable animals only (no choke collars, they must be manageable with such a collar clipped so it can't choke them). $10 / up to 1hr of dog walking depending on necessity/preference (would be at least 30mins unless you specify otherwise, your dog/s only: up to 2 small dogs or 1 medium dog; +$5 for 1 large dog, for each additional dog [small to medium only] within reason and manageability, another 30mins regardless of the number of dogs, or for dogs with more challenging temperaments). $50+/wk for 30mins - 1hr of dog walking for up to 2 small dogs or 1 medium dog, $75+/wk for either a larger dog, an additional small to medium dog, or an extra 30mins. If you have a large dog that becomes unmanageable or exhibits aggressive behavior like jumping/lunging at people/animals/etc to an extent that it becomes an unavoidable problem I will end the walk early. I would only consider taking more than 1 larger dog at a time if they were exceptionally well-behaved and easily manageable, and as with all dogs would need to meet them first at a park during the daytime to determine that - if I did make an exception for 2 large dogs it'd be $25 for 30mins to 1hr walk (depending on necessity/preference, likely closer to 1hr for large dogs), and +$10 for another 30mins; it would be $100-150/wk depending on if the walk was within or over 1hr. $10 / up to 1hr for pet drop-ins depending on necessity/preference (any type of animals should be fine; and it would be +$5 for another 30mins, or depending on the number and temperament of the animals, or +$5/day or $20/wk for additional services like watering potted plants, taking out the trash, taking mail inside, scattering lights, etc). Aside from dog walking (on-leash only), for drop-in visits I can feed, pat, play with, handle, brush pets, and clean up after them (as is appropriate for the pet type and personality, with supplies like food, bowls, brushes, etc provided by the owner of course along with any specific instructions relating to care, feeding, temperament, etc). I can administer basic oral medications if needed for another $5/day (must be given clear instructions which medication to use and how), and while I won't cut hair or nails I can give a bath for another $10 as long as the pet is relatively cooperative.

PET SITTING (sort of) / DROP-INS/CHECK-INS For pet sitting cats and other small animals (any type, including birds, reptiles, fish) I can drop in once a day (up to an hour per visit depending on necessity/preference) for $10-15/day or $50-75/wk (based on the number of animals, their temperament, travel distance, etc) providing feeding, waste/litter/area/cage/tank/etc cleaning, basic care, play, attention, etc (as needed depending on the animal type). 2 drop-ins per day would be $20-25/day or $80-100/wk. 1 15-30min drop-in would be $10/day or $50/wk, 2 would be $15/day or $70-80/wk (depending on length of time, distance to travel, and number of animals). For pet sitting rabbits or ferrets I could do 1 drop-in a day (up to an hour per visit depending on necessity/preference) for $10-15/day or $50-75/wk, or 2 drop-ins a day for $20-25/day or $80-120/wk (based on the number of animals, their temperament, travel distance, length of visit if another 30-60mins is needed, etc) providing feeding, waste/litter/area/cage/etc cleaning, basic care, play, attention, time outside the cage, etc. 1 15-30min drop-in would be $10/day or $50/wk, 2 would be $15/day or $70-80/wk (depending on length of time, distance to travel, and number of animals). For pet sitting dogs I could do 2 drop-ins a day (30mins to an hour per visit depending on necessity/preference) for $20-30/day or $100-150/wk (based on the size, number of animals, their temperament, travel distance, length of visit if another 30mins is needed, etc) providing walks as needed, waste/area cleaning, feeding, basic care, play, attention, etc. 1 drop-in would be $10-15/day or $50-75/wk. If you have 1-2 small dogs and just needed 2 20-30min drop-ins (15-20min walk, 5-10mins food/etc) it would just be $15/day or $80/wk. For 1 small dog that needed 2 15min drop-ins (up to 10min walks, up to 5mins food/etc) it'd be $15/day or $70/wk. 1 drop-in for 15-30mins would be $10/day or $50/wk. Picking up additional food would depend on the cost but could be discussed if needed.

SMALL PET BOARDING & REHOMING (NO CATS OR DOGS, SMALL CAGED/TANKED/ETC PETS ONLY) $10/day (including overnight if needed) or $50/wk, $5/day or $20/wk for plants and Betta fish in a small travel tank, $20 to rehome a small pet https://www.kijiji.ca/v-pet-services/city-of-halifax/10-small-pet-boarding-rehoming-no-cats-or-dogs/1484001871

TESTIMONIALS https://www.kijiji.ca/v-pet-services/city-of-halifax/pet-sitting-testimonials/1486042536

OTHER INFO I'm a non-smoker who has looked after a variety of dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, birds, fish, etc most of my life, including younger and older animals. I live in downtown Halifax and can visit anywhere easily accessible by bus, and will walk dogs within their local area or visit any nearby parks (those details could be sorted out beforehand when you contact me). I will need details arranged beforehand such as where/when to stop by, would need a reliable way to contact you if needed, and for people with varied schedules would need to know at the beginning of the day at least what location and time or times to meet up for a walk or drop-in or when you'd be stopping by to drop pets off and pick them up. I'll only work with relatively healthy (don't need to go to the vet immediately or often), non-aggressive, manageable animals (no serious biting/clawing, and for larger dogs not constantly barking/growling or chasing/jumping at people and animals, and none that require a choke collar to be in the vacinity of manageable - any with a choke collar will need to be easily manageable with it clipped so as not to function as a choke collar, I won't risk an animal choking themselves or harming anyone else), and would need contact established at least a bit beforehand to arrange specific meet-up and care details (or meet the dog for walking). If need be I can take a pet to their vet either in a carrier/kennel by bus or taxi but the cost of transportation and vet visit would have to be compensated ASAP (beforehand if at all possible). If you're in the process of moving while I'm sitting a pet I would need to know this upfront before agreeing to sit them, and would need to be able to reliably contact you as well as have a reliable back-up contact in the area for while you're away if at all possible. I am unable to take in any cats or dogs to board at my place - this is unfortunately but absolutely non-negotiable, and if abandoned with me your cat or dog will have to go to a rescue or somewhere else. Although my prices are more or less fixed, if someone really needs a service in the downtown area and is on a limited budget I could be a bit flexible (within reason) depending on availability. I can take cash, PayPal (through Kijiji only), and many types of Tap (Interac Flash, Apple & Google Pay) or credit card payments with Square (Visa, MCard, AmEx), and would require the daily or weekly payment before the service was provided. SERIOUS INQUIRIES AND PET OWNERS ONLY, OTHERS WILL BE BLOCKED (I DON'T CARE IF THIS RESULTS IN A BAD REVIEW, I WON'T PUT UP WITH PEOPLE WASTING MY TIME). IF WE'RE SUPPOSED TO MEET AND I DON'T HEAR BACK FROM YOU FOR OVER 24HRS I WILL ASSUME A LACK OF INTEREST - PLEASE HAVE REGARD FOR OTHER PEOPLE'S TIME AND COMMUNICATE IF YOU NO LONGER INTEND TO MEET WITH THEM, ASKING ABOUT THIS ISN'T RUDE JUST AN ATTEMPT TO SAVE TIME THAT WOULD OTHERWISE BE WASTED IF YOU CAN'T EVEN BOTHER RESPONDING TO SOMEONE.

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