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Bring your dog to Doggy Daycare and go to work guilt free! and while on vacation know your pet will be on one too:)

Your treasured pet is free to roam as he/she would in your home. This is a true family atmosphere ( we have a 14yr old daughter who gladly shares in the playing duties)

We understand what stress can do to a pet when they are away from their humans.It is our job, and goal to ease that stress and provide comfort, understanding, love and companionship

We are an athletic, energetic family and we do daily walks no matter the weather. sometimes it's in the woods, other times it's to the Pointe-Claire village for a play in the park by the lake, doesn't that sound like fun? wouldn't your pup love to come and join us! I have years of experience with my show Collies and Great Danes, raised and trained for show and obedience, and tons of love

I have had successful results with sight challenged dogs ( my own cocker spaniel was born this way) Hearing impaired, (I teach signing) and O.C.D. We can accomodate up to 4 doggies in our Daycare (for safety and attention) Sleepovers are also for 4 dogs maxium (for their optimum

care and attention)I invite you to visit my website for more info on ushttp://thepupnanny.wix.com/the-pup-nanny

Day Care Rates are 25.00 for medium to large dogs and 20.00 for the mini's

Sleepovers are 35.00 for the medium to large dogs and 30.00 for the mini's. The sleepover rate include daycare

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