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100% guaranteed quality ! ISO 9001:14001 certified! Brand New Compatible Cartridge!

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Compatible Black Toner Cartridge:

CB435A Black Toner Cartridge,$14.99

CB436A Black Toner Cartridge,$14.99

CF214X Black Toner Cartridge,$59.99
CF217A/17A Black Toner Cartridge,$39.99
CF219A/19A Black Toner Cartridge,$47.99

CF226A/26A Black Toner Cartridge,$39.99
CF226X/26X Black Toner Cartridge,$69.99

CF230A/30A Black Toner Cartridge,$38.99
CF230X/30X Black Toner Cartridge,$48.99

CF237A/37A Black Toner Cartridge,$129.99
CF237X/37X Black Toner Cartridge,$199

CF248A/48A Black Toner Cartridge,$34.99

CF279A/79A Black Toner Cartridge,$24.99

CF280A/80A Black Toner Cartridge,$19.99

CF280X/80X Black Toner Cartridge,$29.99

CE505A/05A Black Toner Cartridge,$19.99

CE505X/05X Black Toner Cartridge,$29.99

CF281A/81A Black Toner Cartridge,$69.99
CF281X/81X Black Toner Cartridge,$99

CF283A/83A Black Toner Cartridge,$19.99
CF283X/83X Black Toner Cartridge,$29.99

CF287A/87A Black Toner Cartridge,$79.99
CF287X/87X Black Toner Cartridge,$99.99

CE278A/78A Black Toner Cartridge,$14.99

CE285A/85A Black Toner Cartridge,$14.99

CE255A/55A Black Toner Cartridge,$34.99

CE255X/55X Black Toner Cartridge,$44.99

CE390A/90A Black Toner Cartridge,$49.99
CE390X/90X Black Toner Cartridge,$69.99

CC364A/64A Black Toner Cartridge,$49.99

CC364X/64X Black Toner Cartridge,$69.99

C3900A Black Toner Cartridge,$84.99

C3903A Black Toner Cartridge,$38.99

C3906A Black Toner Cartridge,$22.99

C3909A Black Toner Cartridge,$79.99

C4092A Black Toner Cartridge,$23.99

C4096A Black Toner Cartridge,$34.99

C4127A/27A Black Toner Cartridge,$39.99

C4127X/27X Black Toner Cartridge,$49.99

C4129X Black Toner Cartridge,$66.99

C4182X Black Toner Cartridge,$84.99

C7115A Black Toner Cartridge,$24.99

C7115X Black Toner Cartridge,$29.99

C8061X Black Toner Cartridge,$44.99

C8543X Black Toner Cartridge,$144.99

92275A Black Toner Cartridge,$44.99

92291A Black Toner Cartridge,$59.99

92295X Black Toner Cartridge,$59.99

92298A Black Toner Cartridge,$39.99

92298X Black Toner Cartridge,$49.99

Q1338A Black Toner Cartridge,$57.99

Q1339A Black Toner Cartridge,$63.99

Q2610A Black Toner Cartridge,$44.99

Q2612A/12A Black Toner Cartridge,$14.99

Q2613A Black Toner Cartridge,$24.99
Q2613X Black Toner Cartridge,$29.99

Q2624A Black Toner Cartridge,$29.99
Q2624X Black Toner Cartridge,$39.99

Q5942A/42A Black Toner Cartridge,$54.99
Q5942X/42X Black Toner Cartridge,$63.99

Q5945A Black Toner Cartridge,$63.99

Q5949A/49A Black Toner Cartridge,$28.99
Q5949X/49X Black Toner Cartridge,$34.99

Q6511A Black Toner Cartridge,$44.99
Q6511X Black Toner Cartridge,$54.99

Q7516A Black Toner Cartridge,$84.99

Q7551A Black Toner Cartridge,$39.99
Q7551X Black Toner Cartridge,$49.99

Q7570 Black Toner Cartridge,$74.99

Compatible Color Toner Cartridge:

Q2670A/Q2671A/Q2672A/Q2673A Toner Cartridge ,$55.99 each

Q2680A/Q2681A/Q2682A/Q2683A Toner Cartridge ,$58.99 each
Q3960A/Q3961A/Q3962A/Q3963A Toner Cartridge ,$34.99 each
Q5950A/Q5951A/Q5952A/Q5953A Toner Cartridge ,$74.99 each
Q6000A/Q6001A/Q6002A/Q6003A Toner Cartridge,$39.99 each
Q6460A/Q6461A/Q6462A/Q6463A Toner Cartridge,$69.99 each

Q6470A/Q6471A/Q6472A/Q6473A Toner Cartridge,$59.99 each
Q7560A/Q7561A/Q7562A/Q7563A Toner Cartridge,$69.99 each
Q7580A/Q7581A/Q7582A/Q7583A Toner Cartridge,$58.99 each

CB400A/CB401A/CB402A/CB403A Toner Cartridge,$71.99 each

125A/CB540A/CB541A/CB542A/CB543A Toner Cartridge ,$29.99 each

CE250A/CE251A/CE252A/CE253A Toner Cartridge,$59.99 each

CE260A/CE261A/CE262A/CE263A Toner Cartridge,$79.99 each

CE270A/CE271A/CE272A/CE263A Toner Cartridge,$79.99 each
126A/CE310A/CE311A/CE312A/CE313A Toner Cartridge,$28.99 each
128A/CE320A/CE321A/CE322A/CE323A Toner Cartridge,$29.99 each
507A/CE400A/CE401A/CE402/CE403A Toner Cartridge,$74.99 each

305A/CE410/CE411/CE412/CE413 Toner Cartridge ,$39.99 each

CF030A/CF031A/CF032A/CF033A Toner Cartridge,$88.99 each

131A/CF210A/211A/212A/213A Toner Cartridge ,$29.99 each
131X/CF210X/211X/212X/213X Toner Cartridge ,$39.99 each

130A/CF350A/CF351A/CF352A/CF353A Toner Cartridge,$28.99 each

508A/CF360A/361A/362A/363A Toner Cartridge ,$74.99 each
508X/CF360X/361X/362X/363X Toner Cartridge ,$109.99 each

312A/CF380A/381A/382A/383A Toner Cartridge ,$29.99 each
312X/CF380X/381X/382X/383X Toner Cartridge ,$44.99 each

201A/CF400A/401A/402A/403A Toner Cartridge ,$39.99 each
201X/CF400X/401X/402X/403X Toner Cartridge ,$45.99 each

410A/CF410A/411A/412A/413A Toner Cartridge ,$43.99 each
410X/CF410X/411X/412X/413X Toner Cartridge ,$53.99 each

204A/CF510A/511A/512A/513A Toner Cartridge ,$48.99 each

304A/CC530/CC531/CC532/CC533 Toner Cartridge ,$39.99 each

C4191A/C4192A/C4193A/C4194A Toner Cartridge ,$59.99 each

C9700A/C9701A/C9702A/C9703A Toner Cartridge ,$34.99 each

C9720A/C9721A/C9722A/C9723A Toner Cartridge ,$64.99 each

C9730A/C9731A/C9732A/C9733A Toner Cartridge ,$85.99 each

Compatible Ink Cartridge:
15 $15
17 $21
20 $18
21XL $15
22XL $20
23 $21
25 $20
26 $19
27 $15
28 $21
29 $18
40 $16
41 $20
45 $15
49 $21
56 $15
57 $20
58 $20
564XL B/Y /C/M $9 each
60XL B $18
60XL C $18
61XL B $19.99
61XL C $20.99
62XL B $28.99
62XL C $29.99
63XL B $24.99
63xl C $27.99
64XL B $34.99
64xl C $34.99
65xl $19
74XL $15
75XL $16
78 $20
88 B/C/M/Y $9.99 each
92 $10
93 $14
94 $10
95 $14
96 $14
97 $14
98 $12
901XL B $20
901XL C $21
902XL B $22
902XL C//M/Y $15 each
920XL B/Y /C/M $12 each
932XL/933XL B/Y /C/M $14 each
934XL B $13.99
935XL C/M/Y $13.99 each
940XL B/Y /C/M $12 each
950XL/951XL B/Y /C/M $14 each
952XL B $29 each
952XL C/M/Y $25 each
970XL B $39
971XL C//M/Y $45 each
972XL B $59.99

972XL C $69.99


950 Denison St.,unit 16

Markham, Ontario,Canada L3R 3K5

Telephone: 416-840-5696


Website: https://www.factorydirectsale.ca

Store Hours(EST)

Monday- Friday 9:00am-6:30pm

Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm

Sunday 12:00am-5:00pm

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