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Concerned about asbestos in building materials? Test it yourself and save time and money with this DIY mail-in asbestos test. Fast and affordable results!

The Asbestos Test uses easy-to-follow instructions on how to accurately collect and submit a sample for quick, accurate analysis in our laboratory. We accept samples from clients nationwide.

Payment is for laboratory analysis. The submission of samples does not require a designated “kit” to be mailed to you, simply place samples in individual zip-lock bags (one sample per bag) and mail-in with your completed asbestos sample submission form.

Visit TESTITTODAY.CA for more information on this and other tests, or email info@testittoday.ca for questions.

$80 per sample ($120 for vermiculite or "popcorn ceiling") includes: Easy-to-follow instructions and sample submission form: http://testittoday.ca/forms/ Laboratory analysis Detailed lab report with interpretation (sample: http://testittoday.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/SAMPLE-ASBESTOS-REPORT.pdf) Floor tile samples include analysis of the mastic/adhesive under the tile TAXES INCLUDED

1. Purchase your Visible Mold Test Kit online at http://testittoday.ca/product/asbestos/ 2. Follow the step-by-step instructions included in your kit, and mail the sample(s) back to us. A PDF results report will be sent to the email(s) you provide on the form included with the kit.

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