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ProfiliTec FloorTec Uncoupling Polyethylene Membrane 323 sq ft Roll (3'3" x 98'5") $379

ProfiliTec FoilTec Waterproofing Polyethylene Membrane 323 sq ft Roll (3'3" x 98'5") $349

ProfiliTec FoilTec Waterproofing Polyethylene Membrane 108 sq ft Roll (3'3" x 33') $129

ProfiliTec FoilTec Waterproofing Polyethylene Membrane Custom Cut per Square Ft $1.20

ProfiliTec FoilTec Waterproofing Polyethylene Sealing Strip 10m Band Roll (6" x 33') $29

ProfiliTec FoilTec Waterproofing Polyethylene Sealing Strip 30m Band Roll (6" x 98'5") $75

Waterproofing matting in coupled polyethylene. Conceived to be laid in areas with bis high presence of humidity.
Suitable for vertical wall tiled coverings of shower boxes, it ensures non-transmission of humidity in
contiguous rooms. Laid while tiling, using bis proper tile adhesive. The membrane in bis soft and highly elastic material compensates as well as small possible movements between the substrate and the covering, while also
ensuring the non-transmission of bacteria and harmful substances.

Floortec is an installation membrane for ceramic or stone tile based on uncoupling technology. It is placed between the tile and the substrate.
Tile and membrane are bonded using appropriate mortar-based adhesives.
FLOORTEC installation advantages:

The FLOORTEC membrane neutralizes inevitable stress build-up due to differential movement in the substrate, changes in temperature and
humidity. Cracks remain beneath the matting and prevent damage to the tile surface.

FLOORTEC’s cylindrical grid structure, concave on the underside, allows the evaporation of water from the mortar bed, compensating and
vapor tension.

Using FLOORTEC allows tile flooring to be installed onto different types of substrates, including concrete and anhydride slabs, radiant heating,
drywall, and even wood. In some particular cases, the compatibility of the adhesive used be

The membrane is 3mm in total thickness and composed of high-density polyethylene laminated with Spunbond non-woven fabric on the underside.
The geometric configuration of the membrane is designed as circular cavities 3mm in depth arranged at regular horizontal and vertical intervals.
During the installation process, the circular cavities are filled with mortar-based adhesive to form a solid column structure.

(uncoupling) The membrane is able to compensate for differential movement in all directions, neutralizing tension between the substrate (concrete or wood
structures) and tile, hence preventing stress build-up and damages to the tile layer.

The open cavities on the underside of the membrane provide pressure relief for moisture rising from the substrate allowing the tile
flooring to be installed without waiting the usual curing time for concrete (28 days). The humidity evaporates through the interstitial spacing between
the waterproof membrane and the non-woven fabric.

The circular column support structure on the surface of the membrane provides increased load resistance compared to
other-shaped columns: the mortar-based adhesive on the surface of the mat fills the circular cavities forming a solid column support
structure. FLOORTEC has been tested by TCNA and passed all 14 cycles (Extra-Heavy Commercial) on the Robinson Wheel Test (ASTMC627) over 19.2” wood
frame construction.

The membrane material, HDPE (high-density polyethylene), is waterproof.


The unique textured surface, obtained through an exclusive production process, allows

the increased bond strength between the mortar-based adhesive, the membrane, and the tile.


The composition of the plastic material is the result of innovative technology which limits

“curling” of the membrane allowing faster and easier installation.


The color was specifically developed to be translucent to allow the installer the ability

to verify mortar coverage on the underside of the membrane eliminating the potentially

harmful action of occasionally peeling back the membrane.


The small circular cylinders of the membrane provide increased load resistance due to the

fact that a circular column does not contain two breakage axes as does a square column.

A circular column distributes the load in a uniform manner along the entire perimeter

instead of concentrating the load on four corners, as in a square column.


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140 Snow Blvd #6, Concord, ON L4K 4C1, Canada
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