Pixie frog  (Giant african bullfrog)

No Longer Available - Pixie frog (Giant african bullf $200.00

Selling 3 year old giant african bullfrog. Believed to be male based on size and colour but bo guarentee. Comes with 20 gallon long split tank (half land half water) with heat pad, but he is due for an upgrade. Do your research, this species is ...

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Chatham-Kent 02/12/2021
I have an Albino male. And 2 females, one orange, one brown. Pictures are of them bring sprayed and eating crickets and meal worms. They are very healthy. Hand held. And ready for new home. 200$ for ...
Male Ball Pythons!
Chatham-Kent 02/12/2021
Order of pictures These are all males. 1.0 Ghi hypo - $400 1.0 Super enchi ghi lesser 50% het hypo - $500 1.0 Ghi enchi lesser fire/vanilla 50% het hypo - $400 1.0 Russo het desert ghost - $250 1.0 ...
Little crested geckos
Chatham-Kent 01/12/2021
I have three available I just don’t have the time $70 each. Two with tails one frog butt. They do not come with an enclosure or anything.
Various sizes of aquariums
Chatham-Kent 01/12/2021
I have many fish tanks available they all hold water last I checked. Could look brand new if cleaned. Do not include lids. Perfect for reptiles, amphibians, larger ones could house small animals or ...
40 gallon tank setup
Chatham-Kent 27/11/2021
Complete 40 gallon tank setup perfect for a juvenile ball python or other small reptile! *does not come with stand or snake* Asking $200 obo will deliver or meet up within reasonable distance!
Reptile starter tank
Chatham-Kent 26/11/2021
Four month old starter tank 29 gallon 30 long 17 high 12 width all in inches 75 OBO
Male pastel het DG
Chatham-Kent 24/11/2021
$150 Eating live rat pup. Pastel 100% het desert ghost male.
Ball python
Chatham-Kent 24/11/2021
Hes about one year, eats small f/t mice in her cage. He likes to be held and hasn't bitten me. Comes with everything for $500 won't sell separate, Snake 40 gallon take with front doors 1 heat lamp ...
Crested/Leachie gecko food
Chatham-Kent 22/11/2021
Repashy bottle is brand new never opened Other 2 bags were tried once but my geckos personally didn’t like it. 20$ for all 3
custom snake terrarium/rat snakes & corns available
Please Contact
Chatham-Kent 20/11/2021
1/4 s acrylic 22”x22”x36”tall custom setup for rat snakes or any snakes that climb. Inside are two 6 foot ratsnakes, one is an Everglades and he’s over 6ft and a perfect example, the other is a ...
Adult Female ball pythons and males for ultraglow project
Chatham-Kent 19/11/2021
Pastel vanilla ,lays big clutches 250 Enchi pin 250 Odyb 550 Lesser mahogany hra poss het hypo 400 Mahogany hra poss het hypo 300 MALES..... Super pastel ultraglow proven breeder 2500 Super pastel ...
Frozen rats
Chatham-Kent 19/11/2021
Selling small and medium size frozen feeder rats. My ball pythons only do live feedings and I’d hate to throw all these away if someone had a snake that will do frozen feeds. Asking $5 per rat or ...
Herpstat 1 redline
Chatham-Kent 17/11/2021
Used herpstat 1 redline (probe is damaged will prob need a replacement)
Snake or Reptile tank.
Chatham-Kent 12/11/2021
This tank was designed for climbing critters like snakes, frogs, bearded dragons, etc. It is 36” high by 22” by22”. It has a large hinged and latched door for easy access. It has a vent box on the ...
Selling all snakes
Please Contact
Chatham-Kent 10/11/2021
Female proven breeders. Bumble bee $250 Black pastel $300 Hidden gene woma $300 Lucy $600 Ready to breed Pastel hra het albino/caramel albino $300 Males pastel hra het albino pb $250 Lucy $400 pb ...
Ball Pythons
Chatham-Kent 04/11/2021
This I’m current available list of ball pythons ! If you see anything you like or have any questions . Feels free to ask . I’m just a pm away ! All feeding on appropriate sized rats . 2020 0.1 Pastel ...
Ball Python
Chatham-Kent 28/10/2021
7 year old female She's a super friendly and happy ball python. She's very socialized and is fantastic to handle. She would be wonderful for a first time snake owner. Eats live once a month. Selling ...
Selling snake collection
Please Contact
Chatham-Kent 25/10/2021
Selling all my snakes. Serious inquiries only please. Text 519 437 2079 for fast response. Females ready to breed this coming season. Pastel cinnamon enchi $300 Super pastel yellow belly $300 Butter ...
1.0 super enchi ghi lesser 50% het hypo m
Chatham-Kent 21/10/2021
Wicked male for a bunch of different projects. Guaranteed no normal hatchlings with this guy! $500 takes him home :)
Fish tanks
Chatham-Kent 13/10/2021
I have a large quantity of 10 gallon fish tanks that were used for tropical frogs. (The tanks for $20 are sold out! ) They have an acrylic partial lid that is vented with fine mesh screen. The other ...
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