Second Cup, Summer 2008

Montreal, QC H1W(Afficher la carte)


We were sitting at opposite ends of the terrace, and you kept staring at me (in a good way though haha). I was with a group of friends, (from the women's shelter I was staying at) and you said something so quietly as I walked by to leave, that I wasn't really sure if you actually had said something. Luckily I didn't dismiss it, & we exchanged numbers. I ended up moving not long after, & we never did keep in touch. You have crossed my mind over the years, and I've often wondered how your life turned out. I did have a dream about you recently though, (I couldn't help remember that 'feeling', & you're the only one I've ever felt it with), so I decided to take a chance to see if fate was trying to tell me something. I do hope to hear from you! Sincerely, J

*These are not my pictutes, but I thank whomever took them. I hope you don't mind, I just wanted to help jog their memory.

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