LUNA - Samoyed-White Shepherd Mix (14 months old)

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Luna We’ve come to the very hard decision of rehoming our dog named Luna. She’s a Samoyed-White Shepherd mix born September 2018 and weighs 40 lbs. We prefer being honest as to why we can no longer keep her - reasons below:

- Scared of people - Extremely nervous - Often disregards commands - Never does her business on walks - Has attempted to break through her cage and injured herself in the process - Ability to jump high fences (often has escaped to neighboor’s yard) - Has destroyed socks, slippers and shoes (a few times) - Has damaged a wall and scratched up a door - Recently destroyed our guest bedroom mattress by defecating all over it

Despite the above, she is very affectionate when she gets to know you, mostly toilet trained, very playful, energetic and she gets along well with other dogs. We have a baby and a 10 year daughter and we’ve had no issues with their interactions, she’s great with them. If your good with dogs and have a lot of free time to train this type of breed, she can become a loyal dog as she has a lot of heart. She has all of her vaccinations and she’s fixed (paperwork to be provided) We spent a lot of money trying to integrate her into our lives but we’ve been unsuccessful. We just want to see her happy and loved.

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