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I have a room for rent my shared home. The room is for SINGLE OCCUPANCY. NO COUPLES please.

I am losing a super wonderful roommate who is moving on to greener pastures. I am using this extravagant ad to again find another decent human. I am being detailed unlike other landlords so there are no surprises should you chose to live with me.

Must be of legal age.

Room is 650. Must have damage deposit. Can pay monthly or bi-weekly.

With the 650 you get: -Your own parking space in front of the house. Yes, everyone has an unimpeded parking space! Also, everyone has access to an outdoor plug for the winter and a timer for the winter months -There is a bus stop approx. 1 block away. -Includes all utilities. -Includes basic cable with the movie channels, ESPN, blah blah and UNLIMITED internet!! -Includes a pull out, swivel/tilt fancy wall mounted new smart TV. -Double/full size mattress (Bigger bed option can be discussed) . The mattress has new woven bamboo mattress cover, for dust mites, bed bugs and waterproofing (Not vinyl) so its quiet and comfortable and CLEAN! These must remain on the mattress! I purchase new ones for each new tenant. -Room is complimented with, 5 drawers tall stand up dresser and standard size closet. You can relocate the provided furniture to your liking and if you want get yourself something else, your welcome to make yourself as comfortable as you wish! Depending what your seeking... If I consider it an asset to the room, I would purchase it for the room. Unless its something you want to keep obviously. But if you just want it for your stay… let me know. -Sheets, pillow and comforter are provided, as well, we have a ton of BIG towels. However, if you want to use your own stuff dats coo too obviously. Just know that for those that are travelling light we got cha covered. -You are able to decorate your room (Posters etc) as long as the “no damage” hooks are used please. No tape and def NO NAILS! IF you want to hang something you can't live with out, like a mirror or something, please talk to me first. I am super reasonable but also need to protect the integrity of my home by ensuring things are hung/assembled properly. Which I think any reasonable person can understand and respect. So far no requests have been denied. No, you can not grow mushrooms in the closet.. lol yes you can hang a full length mirror. Its your room, make it your own my only conditions are better not smell rank or wreak the walls etc.. -You do share a full bathroom with my other tenant. It has a new shower and tub. Not to fret! I have my own bathroom in my room. Each man has access to 2 drawers in bathroom and a shelf. -Toilet paper is a shared expense. Meaning we each buy 1 LARGE package of TP (Roughly 16 bucks). You are also welcome to buy the household TP early then your rotation if you see it on sale. Charmin Ultra Strong is the ONLY brand that will be used in the house because lets face it.. We all work too hard to wipe are A with chitty toilet paper. (LIFE MOTTO) or at least Chris and I do. LOL It goes on sale ALLL THE TIME. Works out to about 1 package roughly every 2-3 months, some times longer. So basically when the TP gets low we all buy a package then were good to go for another x number of months. -Paper towels, Kleenex, garbage bags, cleaning supplies, are provided. -Kitchen is large and newly upgraded. Everyone gets cupboard space as well as 1 drawers in the kitchen for their special items. All amenities provided for kitchen. Your welcome to bring any specialty item as well. Coffee is usually on every morning. Coffee is sort of a, “who ever grabs” it kind of thing. -Another great feature to this set up is I have provided 2 large/full size fridges. Which means, I have my own fridge and you and share the BIG BRAND NEW FRIDGE. This also means -Also, now this is HUGE.. wait for it.. Each tenant also gets his own FREEZER!!! WHATTT!!!! Both fridge freezers are delegated to 2 people. I have a stand up freezer. That means everyone gets a full fridge freezer worth of space TO THEM SELVES!!! Whaaaaaaaa haaaa the crowd goes wild!! -Living room is also large and has a sectional couch with big screen. Its open concept to the kitchen. Goods news I also put the TV on a swivel wall mounted stand so you can spin the TV to the kitchen and still keep up with your fav shows if you need a snack mid show. -New washing machine and basically new dryer. The door clip keeps popping out but other then that its new. -Obviously this is a fun chats around the table type of home but also respectful home. We don’t need to be BFF’s either but its nice to come home to some comradery. We all kind of work different shifts but again, were not inhuman. Be respectful. We all stumble home drunk SAFELY from time to time. And I wont even tell you how Christmas ended this year LOL #Blast. -Smoking of W and cigs permitted outside if that’s your thing. Swanky smoking dispensers have been provided by yours truly. -Full size deck with BBQ located in back yard. -Close to many beautiful walking trails. -Wicked landlord. We are friendly and fun but also, clean, respectful, blue and white collar workers. No kids, creepers, strict parents to deal with at this rental…

Now that I have dazzled you with all the great qualities of this space. I now have to drop some rules. I drop these rules in advance so that we have no problems before we all agree to live together for your sanity and ours.

1. There are 2 black cats that live in the home. They are the most docile cats. They don't knock stuff over, they are quiet. I also run a robot vacuum daily to control the hair and litter is cleaned 2 times per week. I am responsible for the cats fully. All you have to do is NOT fall in love them and No you cannot take them with you.  2. Everyone is responsible to keep their room in respectable shape. I don't do room checks but if your room starts to smell we will be having a conversation. Mostly trying to discover how da fuk you can breathe in there! LOL 3. You and the fellow tenant are responsible for keeping your bathroom clean. All cleaners are provided. I have my own bathroom. I am likely going to a once a week system. Once a week someone does the basic cleaning we each takes turns that means once a month you have to clean a bathroom. Pretty low maintenance around here that way. 4. I do all the remaining house cleaning (helping is always welcomed) but everyone is expected to leave whatever room (Kitchen/Living room/Bathroom) ready for the next person. That includes doing their dishes, wiping counters, table and oven top down. If the garbage is by the door and I am sleeping for my night shift. Run it to the bins. This system has worked super well with the rest of us. Wipes are on the counter 24/7. Kitchen towels on oven. Paper towels are also handy. I have never lost it on anyone yet, again, were not inhumane. You want to leave your coffee cup before you rush out the door in the morning from time to time or a spoon... the odd plate after a good meal... whatever... but loads of dishes and splatter all over the oven will not be acceptable behavior. If anything I am the worst for leaving a cup in the sink. 5. This is a no over night guest type of home. Mostly because there is already a full house and everyone has hectic schedules and to be one wants to hear you… lol But guest are welcomed through the day and into the night. Over time its just ensures everyone gets the downtime and privacy they expect when they come home. Please introduce your guest if were in the living room to again keep up that hospitality vibe we have grown to love. You want to hang out in the back yard, giv’er.

I think that is about it for right now.

Good home, lots of amenities, comfortable lounge spaces, sleep-tastic bedroom, open to professional/respectful white or blue collar worker looking for long term rental.

Live your life and be comfortable just wipe up after yourself is the essential vibe of the house.

I have had long term tenants and we have all gotten along super well. I think because I try to be very clear up front what’s expected and go above and beyond to make sure everyone is comfortable, respected and has enough space for themselves (own parking/fridge/freezer space/bathroom space etc)

If you are interested, please email me at and tell me a bit about yourself and how long you intend to stay.

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