Upgrading to surgical masks: A MUST

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COVID-19 variants are more contagious. Dr. Anthony Fauci recommended wearing two masks, one cloth mask on top of a surgical mask. To get reliable protections, American President Biden even wears a N95 mask under a surgical mask. In Quebec, new recommendations were issued for the use of N95 masks by health-care professionals on Jan 27. What kind of masks are you wearing? Are you still wearing a reusable cloth mask or a non-medical mask to go shopping, work in a relatively crowded indoor setting, study in a classroom, take public transit, or serve your customers at close distances? It is a big risk! In Ontario, some residents went to stores for 1-2 minutes and got infected, cloth masks and non-medical masks are used to protect others but not you, surgical masks protect you and others.

Our surgical masks are authorized products for healthcare system in Canada. They follow strict standards, with fine fibers, electrostatic attraction (https://youtu.be/zdHBv4zwKI0), water penetration resistance (https://youtu.be/iM1pvUHHLxQ) and tested filtration efficiencies of greater than 99%, which greatly contribute to good protections against infections caused by droplets and aerosol transmission.

It is time to upgrade to surgical masks: $25/1 box, $45/2 boxes, $100/5 boxes, $180/10 boxes, NO TAX. 100% quality guarantee!

Protecting ourselves is protecting others, protecting our economy and our country!

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