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HUGE WALL OF SOUND, AS GOOD AS OLD JBL, ALMOST AS BIG AS TANNOY BERKELEY Get these if you cannot afford things like JBL L100T or JBL L100 that sell for 2-3 times as much ; you'll be just as happy.

First thing first, these are NOT Cerwin Vega speakers, the original SD line was created to sound better than C-W of that time and indeed, they do sound better. They can also go almost as loud as CW.

101db efficient classic 2 way speakers; MSRP: CAD $900 in 1980 Second best model in the line, right next to 15S monsters.

NICE VERY CLEAN PAIR, THEY WORK AND SOUND LIKE NEW; GREAT OLD SCHOOL CANADIAN SOUND Intoxicating treble (those tweeters are famous), sweet midrange and effortless bass

The original foams were burnt yellow colour, when aged, the closest match in looks and performance are double laminated red Cerwin Vega foams. New foams done correctly, with proper voice coils alignment, 07/2019. The drivers, X-overs, grilles and cabinets are all original, and are in excellent condition. Yes, the grille covers are included.

The 120S are rarely seen for sale, particularly in this nice restored condition. The boxes are almost as big as those of 15S, and much larger than 12S. They are bottom ported (with sophisticated bass transmission line), not front ported, for better bass control. The 120S have larger sound stage than 12S, and go deeper, otherwise the sound is quite similar. However, 12S can at times sound boomy, the 120S are never boomy.

Due to size and weight (see specs below) these 120S cannot be shipped, no deliveries, no half-ways, local pickup in Orleans (Ottawa East) only.

Will test for local buyer at the front door/porch with a good vintage amp and CD player, playing nice music


George Baker of Audio Products International (API) was the Canadian distributor for EPI and Cerwin-Vega speakers and the Sound Dynamics brand was created as a better sounding clone of the CVs when he lost the rights to distribute them.

API produced all of the following brands: Energy, Sound Dynamics, Image, SDM, SPL, DB Plus, Paisley.

API / Global did make speakers as house brands for big-box and audio retailer chains to use in 'package system' (the whole house and commercial installations). There were also some later series of Sound Dynamics targeted at home theater use.

API also made Mirage and Athena. API was acquired by Klipsch in 2005. Athena replaced Sound Dynamics in the API lineup in the early 2000's.

* MADE IN CANADA, 1980 * Original SD line (best sounding) production: 1978-1981; 6S, 10S, 12S, 120S, 15S * Original warranty: 5 Years! * Type: 2-Way computer modelled (at NRC right here in Ottawa), bass-reflex, bottom ported, "floating port" phase corrected angle, floor standing

It's very expensive in new millennium to get brand new floorstanding 2-way speakers that image like bookshelf speakers, which what the original Sound Dynamics line was all about. I'm a big fan of original SD line, the best value/high performance, I own 4 different pairs; unfortunately space is limited here...

* 8 Ohms * 26 Hz - 20,000 Hz, almost flat, +/-3 dB * Efficiency (sensitivity): 101.5 dB, can be driven to very loud levels with any amp * 1-inch horn loaded phenolic dome die cast 5.375" aluminum lens tweeters, some of the fanciest ever in speaker industry (hugely popular for DIY projects); with all-metal construction, they sure look like a million bucks * 18,000 Gauss tweeter magnets * Tweeter weight, each: 2.2 lbs * Minimalistic 1st order crossover, for best sound and minimal distortion; the simpler the better * X-over point: 2050 Hz * 12" Heavy duty long throw woofers with 1.5" voice coils, 13,000 Gauss magnets * Woofer weight: 7 lbs, each * Rated max input power: 140 Watts RMS * Recommended amplifier power (per channel RMS): 12 - 140 Watts * Full range tweeter adjustment knob (continuous treble gain control); you can make treble sound aggressive or mellow, to suit any type of music

* Weight, EACH speaker: 31.7 Kg = 70 LBS ! * 33 x 17 x 13 inches, EACH speaker

They are huge and very heavy

LINKS: https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/255213-sound-dynamics-120-s-101db-efficient-classic-2-way/





CAD $345 12SCE https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649669888-sound-dynamics-12-s-ce-speakers-refoamed-great-condition/

Google search gave these quotes:

"The older run of Sound Dynamics speakers will REALLY surprise you with how good they sound. They look like Cerwin Vega knock offs, but they are not. Don't sleep on those."

"The now infamous aluminum dome tweeter is insanely detailed...the immediacy is quite intoxicating."

"A lot of speaker for the money. Tweeter in particular is really excellent with wonderful timbre and excellent off axis response."

"I have the SD concert monitor 500 & 700s and love them even more than my JBL L50s and way more than any cerwin vega i ever owned. And i am a CV fan. I got rid on my D9s because i liked the 700s so much. " (***Note: The 700 Concert Monitor is the very similar follow-up model to 12S /120S)

"I've owned a pair of 15s for about 30 years. I refoamed the woofers 2 years ago and currently using them in my basement system as subwoofers driven by a 40w/ch NAD receiver. These things are amazing, they produce killer bass as subs with only 40W! They have amazing imaging. I'll never part with my 15s pair!"

"I haven't listened to anything else all weekend. The effortless solidity of the bottom end is amazing, and adds realism to everything above it. I was aware of their reputation as rock speakers, but they sound great with my jazz and blues stuff. The cabinet construction appears to be similar in method and detail to vintage JBL."

"I recently got a pair of Sound Dynamics 15S and couldn't be happier."

"Back to the impeccably shiny aluminum dome tweeter. On the Sound Dynamics 1200 SMT, the tweeters have continuous gain control, in the form of a knob located in the cable enclosure. It's a fantastic feature which eliminates most issues people have with this variety of tweeter. In the high range dept., these speakers have an incredible leg up. With the gain set correctly, and speakers placed in a Cardas Golden Cuboid, the highs are magnificent. Extremely detailed and present. Shimmery yet never shrill or annoying."

"I would sum these tweeters up with one word. Realism. This is best exemplified with brass instruments. A trumpet for instance, is nothing short of breathtaking. It quite literally sounds as though the musician is blowing into the back end of the tweeter itself. Every breath involved in each note is audible, making an extremely intimate performance. Joe Henderson's Inner Urge is remarkable. His fingers can be heard pumping each note in addition to his breathing and the music itself. Aside from detail, the tone provided is exceptional. Extremely high and harsh notes from a horn scream out of the speaker, yet never cross the threshold of piercing or distorted. I could go on and on. Overall I am quite happy to live with these speakers. They are a great match for my Golden Tube, as intended."

"The 2nd or later series was called Concert Monitor. They have the black tweeter. The tweeters are not as nice sounding as the silver spun aluminum with the orange diaphragm ones. I had a set of those and quickly sold em but kept my 15s"

"But us fans of the bigger Sound Dynamics speakers know that it isn't for their imaging or depth that we love them so much (although they do a better job than most speakers this big have a right to), but rather because of the effortlessness, the alive-ness, and yes, the dynamics of these speakers. They just beg to be turned up if you're in the mood, and you won't regret it the next morning!"

"For the S series there was the 6S, 10S, 12S, 120S and 15S. The last two floorstanders with built in stands that angled the speakers back at the listener. These also concealed a downward firing port."

"Those tweeters alone are quite collectible and highly sought after on Ebay."

"The drivers from the original S series (and the CM Concert Monitor series) were over-built and truly world-class. While I had my 15S drivers out to do the re-foaming, I had a decent pair of Eminence Technology Pro-Beta 15A (a perfect drop-in fit) in their place. These sounded ok and did the job, but once the originals were put back in the difference was substantial. Sound Dynamics really knew what they were doing back then."

"These speakers work extremely well with mid-powered tube gear. Like a Scott or a Fisher receiver."

"very fond of my 12S speakers"

"The original SD surounds were bright yellow. The best replacements are indeed, Cerwin Vega. They are, like the Sound Dynamics, a dual layered surround."

"Sound Dynamics was started by the world famous George Baker, who went on to start Mirage, etc.. He was once the Cerwin-Vega distributor in Canada, but was fired by Gene Czerwinski when it was discovered that he had registered the C-V brand name and trade mark in Canada in his own name. He knew how well that kind of loudspeaker was selling, so he just started making similar products.

"A pair of 12S's were the "shock and awe" speakers of their day! They made a lot of them..."

"I am a big fan of the API stuff, and really liked the info on George Baker and Ian Paisley. The NRC facility in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) benefited a lot of Canadian speaker manufacturers, including Paradigm, Camber (Rega, early on), API, PSB, and possibly Axiom/Merak (the latter have their own anachoic chamber at their factory now in Dwight, Ontario (Muskoka). I have stood in it; weird feeling!). I have had many of the API products, Mirage, Energy, SD, and our daughter has Athena. The spun aluminum SD tweeters are semi-legendary, and I have a pair installed in Altec/Lansing Model 3 speakers, because someone hacked the cabinets to put PSB-type tweeters in, but did a horrible job. The larger diameter spun units cover a multitude of sins, and are a surprising match. I am sitting here right now trying to decide whether I like these modded Altecs ove my JBL L40 speakers. Listening to Sirius/XM Deep tracks; undecided at this point. They both have great positives. Still looking for a pair of Sound Dynamics 12s, unmolested I'm hoping."

"The guy who started this company originally was the largest seller of Cerwin Vega in Canada. When he had a falling out with them he set up in competition and the resulting Sound Dynamics speakers became huge sellers in Canada and were very successful. His idea was to build speakers similar to Cerwin Vega but with better sound quality (while still maintaining crazy volume levels). These were his second from the top of the line (the top of the line units had the same spun aluminium phenolic diaphragm tweeter with a 15 inch bass unit. The speaker system is super efficient and would be a perfect match to low powered valves. They will also go super loud and is supposed to take from 10-120 watts."

"Interestingly enough, Klipsch now own Sound Dynamics. Of course, SD are not even a shadow of what they used to be. They do build decent speakers, but more for the H/T crowd. Sound Dynamics, Energy, Athena and Mirage were all made by API, a great Canadian speaker manufacturer. Klipsch bought out these brands from API."

Local buyer much preferred (cash on pickup); e-transfer is possible, but unpredictable, takes anywhere from 2 min to 40 min to go through. Due to size it's pickup only, no shipping, no deliveries. I will bring them to the porch once tested, you will take them from there.

I've been collecting vintage stereos for a long time, so trades for old Akai, Marantz, Sony, Kenwood, Sansui, Yamaha, Denon, Pioneer, NAD, Philips receiver, amplifier, CD player, speakers, turntable in any condition will be considered.


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