Vintage Stereo Receivers for Sale from Sansui,Pioneer

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Individually priced, if the ad up, it;'s available. Thanks

Sansui AU-9500 The King of vintage Hi-Fi In superb original condition, just had two new F2006 Eq boards manufactured and replaced and this unit sounds incredible.Smoke Free,Pet Free, super clean! $1200.00

Sansui AU-2900 Asking $250.00

Excellent amplifier. Very similar to the popular AU-717 (similar faceplates, true dual mono design, etc) but with 20 watts less per channel and simpler tone controls. Superb phono stage; no noise or hum even with the volume very high. Overall character: smooth yet detailed with well-defined bass. Highly r Sansui AU-217 Asking $300.00

Sansui 661 Superb Condition Asking 300.00

Pioneer SA-9100 Fully Serviced, one year warranty Gorgeous ! $900.00

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