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My name is Nancy Rodríguez, I'm from Peru and I'm qualified Spanish teacher for children. I have my permanent residence in Germany and teach my native language with the video conference program "Zoom". My availability is from 2 pm to 4 pm, from Monday to Friday, Canadian time.

My lessons is geared toward children between the ages 7 and 10 and has four parts. The focus lays on the pronunciation.

-Grammar part: Here the child learns this part by playing and singing (e.g. definite and indefinite article). -Listening part: Here the child receives questions to answer verbally (e.g. I show the child a small toy animal and ask questions about it). -Reading part: Here the child reads a small book, that contains single words or short sentences (see the RAZ website: -Vocabulary: Here the child practices 6 words by reading the song text, watching the video and singing the song.

The writing part should be learned at home.

Actually I'm offering following courses:

1. Coquito 1 - Block letter: This course contains 32 lessons and the children learn every vowel and every consonant of the alphabet and practice the recognizing of the block letters. 2. Juanito 1 - Block letter: This course contains 20 lessons and the children learn the letter combinations, that can be formed with vowels and consonants. 3. Coquito 2 – Italic letter: This course contains 40 lessons and the children learn to use and to recognize the italic letters.

Every lesson costs 10 CAD$ and lasts 25 minutes. The payment will be done weekly by Paypal. It is advisable to have classes twice a week to see the child’s progress. My PayPal is: GQVZ427KPRS8E. The first class is free as to learn how to work with the program. The use of the program is completely free.

If you have interest, please contact me to receive a presentation for free.

Mg. Nancy Rodríguez Beyerslestr. 29 78464 Constance-Germany Tel.: +497531 9283417 Handy: +4915151618232 Skype: narodri1 E-Mail:

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