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’m an editor with years of professional experience. I teach writing and literature at a university and have a Master’s degree in English (focus in writing). My own writing has won numerous awards. You can view my website at

Nervous about hiring an editor? Don’t be. My job is to make your writing shine. I provide affordable rates and a free sample edit for works longer than 20 pages. I’m deeply passionate about writing and provide a meticulous sense of detail. You’ll be amazed at what I can do.

I edit fiction, nonfiction, academic writing (including thesis and dissertation manuscripts), blogs, resumés, letters, grant applications, business communications, and personal writing. I edit projects of all sizes.

I work in APA, Chicago, and MLA. I provide all levels of editing: proofreading, copy editing, substantive editing, and developmental editing. I also offer content creation and manuscript reviews (for novelists). Message me to find out how I can help your writing:

Website: Writing samples and resumé: Facebook:

Testimonials: "Sasha is an efficient, professional, and compassionate editor. Her immediate response to my every call for help, her perfect understanding of the academic writing process, as well as her ability to empathize and readiness to offer suggestions of more than just a grammatical and syntactical nature, make her more than just than an editor for me. She is my writing companion and sometimes my writing mentor. Without her, my academic life would have been quite different. Thank you, Sasha, for your help!"

"Sasha has been an important asset to me during the process of many of my academic writing projects. Her keen eye for detail, focused sense of flow and style, and careful attention to the project as a whole, make her an ideal person to help anyone hone and craft any piece of writing. I couldn’t do it without her!"

"Sasha at Windswept Editing worked on my debut novel, taking my rambling words and turning them into a structured and sound piece of work. Her attention to detail at every stage of development, and especially for character motivation, have been insightful and produced emotional attachment for my characters in my readers.

Sasha comes from a different writing genre than my own (horror/post-apocolytic). I believe this has added even more value to the process and provided a perception I was needing. I definitely will be keeping her for the remainder of my series and recommend her talents to others striving to add levels of professionalism with prompt and kind service."

”Sasha's revisions to my manuscript and comments about the piece overall pushed my writing to a level I myself would never have been able to take it otherwise. Clearly, she gave a lot of time to this job, which shows just how passionate Sasha is about the English language, and how much care she gives to her clients’ work. I made no better decision for my manuscript than to go with Windswept Editing for the copy edit. It truly lifted my writing to the professional level. Sasha’s services through Windswept Editing are exemplary and it is my strongest recommendation to others who want to finish their writing project properly, to use Windswept Editing."

"One of the many challenges for writers is the creation of worlds that readers want to be immersed in, and ones that they continue to feel in their bones when they set the words aside. Evocative, atmospheric, immersive writing is a joy to read when you can find it, and Sasha knows how to create it."

"Sasha has been exceptional in her copy editing and story editing of my writing. She has been so enjoyable to work with. Taking what was written and only making it better, she preserved my voice while being very gifted in firming up what was written. She was very punctual and communicated well through the whole process. A very gifted professional. Sasha's edits took my writing to a level of effortless readability. I have tried many editors in the past and Sasha's work is undoubtedly the best I have found."

”Sasha has an extremely high proficiency if the English language and has transformed my manuscript, bringing it to the next level. She completes assigned work and meets tight deadlines.”

"Thanks so much for such a thorough edit. This is really, terrific feedback. Very constructive and just what I needed to reshape my work into something better."

“Thanks for the great edits, and super thanks for doing them in a short period of time. It is amazing how you were able to go through the whole document with such meticulousness in a very short span of time."

"I encourage everyone with the need for writing and editing to give Sasha a chance. She is excellent!"

"Thank you so much! This is beyond amazing! You honestly did an amazing job! Thank you for everything!"

"Thank you Sasha for your super efficient editing. Reliable, consistent, professional and reasonably priced."

"Thank you for the outstanding and quick work. Your version is 'muchly more better' than mine!"

"Thank you very much for putting so much work into this document."

"Sasha is an excellent resource for all story editing and copy editing. Thanks Sasha!"

"Her response is prompt and she is very skilled at what she does. My writing looks much better now. Thank you, Sasha."

"Same great quality for a reasonable price! I am pleased with your personal editing service. You do a great job, Sasha!"

"Thank you kindly for the edit. It has really helped me grow as a writer."

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