PAINLESS NO NO Body Hair Removal . . . Did you buy one ??

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Please Note : I've taken time off ~ till At Least ? mid Sept. ~ as to C19. I haven't had Anyone here Since March 7 ~ and I haven't visited anyone's res. either ! This also as to the many other maintenance type jobs I haft to finish up here now 1st to make space for a client. I gotta Confess . . . The Solitude really hasn't bothered me too much . . Maybe simply as to I'm nearing my L.T. Planned Peaceful and VERY Relaxed Plan of retirement = A No Drama Lifestyle but still working at all P.T. only.

This post is about Providing Full Body Hair Removal Services and info = and Personal Private Tutoring offered on The North - West edge of Tillsonburg = near to Sobeys. Booked ahead only. As I'm Still Working P. T. at some other services here in town - Till MayBe ??? the end of March 2021 . * * When Planned Ahead ~ 7 days a week is possible, from 10 to 8:pm closing time. PLEASE NOTE : No I don't work For or sell The NO NO Systems . This isn't a NO NO products Sales session. AFTER your use of it info session here - you can seek and decide entirely on your own as to a New or Used one - which I'm Sure you can also Easily find them right here on kijiji as I have. **************************************************************************************************

Hello, Did you buy a NO NO Painless Body Hair Removal System ? And Now you don't understand the functionality of it ~ or OUR Multiple hair growth Stages to begin BECOMING much more Body - face - neck - armpits - personal private areas etc. HAIRLESS ? . . And now it's just sitting in a dresser drawer or a closet, and still like brand new. I've been doing all over Painless Body Hair Removal for over 30 Years . About 7 years ago, I bought my 1st NO NO System for myself, and now I own and use 3 of them here all PAINLESSLY on my clients and have also Tutored many L.T. Friends and regular clients about and with it . 4 to 7 years ago, you probably spent around $300. to 400.00 with some extra heads, exfoliators and The Nice Smelling NO NO Skin Lotion to buy yours brand NEW .... I Know for sure that they're cheaper today. So you've spent the money and now possibly think it doesn't work . . Or maybe you Simply just don't understand it ?? It Does work and Best of all - PAINLESSLY !!! For About $50.00 in Cash here Privately. I Will Give you a Very informed and Unrushed Session of info to Help get you started with it, and it leading to little to No more Hair - and it working for you !! . . You'll be on your way to Much Less Body Hair and it all getting done PAINLESSLY. Like Most things in life - it's Not a one time fix . .

NOTE : This is NOT Offering to do Half your body hair removal ~ Plus all my instructions time for Only $50 . . IT IS ~ as To my 1st Line Above Stating - A Calm and Relaxed Lesson = Personal Private Tutoring. To Help get You started with that NO NO you've Possibly already purchased ? and it all leading to getting rid of some of your unwanted body hair starting with-in 4 to 6 weeks in you home if you might already own one !! ? " PLAN YOUR VISIT HERE VERY UNRUSHED " - as this post and again - Around $50. is not all about A Precisely Time - Lengthed Hair Session here. It's just for some Partial hair = one area removed, and you being Tutored - Educated here Privately on my Clean draped Massage table - all UNrushed for you once ? . OR you are Welcome to ongoing visits here - and maybe for Massage and some THICK Toenail Care also ? . . AND for any regular personal Body Hair maintenance Without all the Training Time and procedures ...

IF you've bought one. Bring Your NO NO system, the heads, and with it " All Charged Up of course " For me to inspect it. Plus your NO NO Skin Lotion for the after hair removed - Skin Care Massage treatment applied to those areas . Please be Freshly Showered for this session with No Chemicals on your hair and skin Areas to be Hair Removed. The alcohol in the chemicals = on the hair to be removed areas - can burn you !! No shower is needed after as it's all done so neat and tidy ! . . I thoroughly hair clean you up AS we go along, " and The NO NO Skin Lotion Smells GReat "

* * IF you Haven't Bought a NO NO System, and you would like to Learn and Experience All about this Relaxed and Painless Hair removal system ?? Most of the above info will still 1st time visit here apply for you also .... Except we will be using My NO NO System = equipment + lotions , and etc. here on you , and to just the certain areas that you'd desire particular hair attention to . * When using My Equipment * ~ with all the info tutoring and my Lotions . . It will likely be a little more than $50.00 in cash . . AND I will Quote $ you here up front for a Fuller Body Desired hair removal service provided with my equipment . . Again - Always Plan your visits here UNrushed Only !! Meaning A Planned Spa Day all For You Privately.

There's Lots of FREE Off the street all marked out Private parking here for you at the Rear of the building Only. Only one client here at a time = no waiting or interruptions < I don't answer my Home phone only now ~ with a client on my table. It's ALL About Calm n CLEAN = NO SMOKING of Anything, and Everyone's shoes Off inside the door of my private residence . . " Thank You in advance " I have L.T. Provided a Variety of Good Body Health Services ~ that you will learn more About while your here .... But all by Planned and more P. T. Services now ~ and for Years to come in my SO Happy to be Nearing Retirement status . ALL UNISEX Services provided here for Women and Men Ages 18 and Up . * * * Again . . This is For Hair Removal Care, and Relaxed INFO - " Not for any product or equipment Sales "

Gift Certificates are also still available for all my everyday regular services .

* * There's NO Cell phone or Phone Texting in my life anymore. . All is Paid in Cash now only.

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