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2 Birds and Big Cage with toys
Guelph 29/05/2023
The two birds genders are uncertain at the moment however, the cage is in excellent condition and the toys are too
Baby Indian ring neck
Guelph 29/05/2023
Baby indian ringneck for sale.
lovebird pair with cage
Guelph 27/05/2023
Beautiful Lovebird pair. Lovebird pair: $120 White colour bird is male and Seagreen/blue colour bird is female. Cage: 50 Lovebird pair + Cage = 150
❤️⭐❤️ BABY CONURE ❤️ with Cage and Food❤️⭐❤️
Guelph 27/05/2023
⭐ ❤️ IF AD is up Babies are available ❤️⭐ ❤️ ⭐ ❤️ FREE DELIVERY to GUELPH ❤️⭐ ❤️ We spend lots of time to ensure your baby is the sweetest, friendly and very social to the new family. All the babies ...
❤️❤️ BABY ⭐ Cockatiel ❤️ with Cage & Food❤️❤️
Guelph 26/05/2023
⭐ ❤️ IF AD is up Babies are available ❤️⭐ ❤️ ⭐ ❤️ WE DELIVER❤️⭐ ❤️ We make sure when you taking baby home you are fully aware of what to do and what not to do, to make it easier for you and baby to ...
Blackmask Lovebirds
Guelph 26/05/2023
SOLD! Stay tuned for next batch
Guelph 25/05/2023
If anyone needs birdcages hit me up, we also deliver 1st photo $270 168cm H (With Playtop) 75cm D 83cm W 2nd Photo $175 this also has a transparent door at the front, so no bars are blocking the way ...
Lovebird 6 months old
Guelph 24/05/2023
Lovely Green lovebird 6 months old Nurtures by parents $100 Cage is not included Gender: most likely a male Hatched on November 29, 2022 Name; soupy
Beautiful 10 weeks old pineapple conure baby for sale
Please Contact
Guelph 21/05/2023
Beautiful parent raised pineapple conure baby for sale .Fully weaned on pellets ,seeds and fruits and vegetables . Not Hand fed or hand tamed but I use to handle them daily . Not banded or DNA sexed ...
Beautiful Canary Pair with cage
Guelph 21/05/2023
Beautiful Canary Pair with cage Beautiful Canary Pair comes with cage, toys and bird food. They eat furits and vegetables as well. They love to eat cucumber. Price $100
Guelph 19/05/2023
I have some hand fed cockatiels that were recently weaned, and some that are a little older, for sale. They are all banded, and DNA sex tested, and come with a hatch certificate, and some seeds. For ...
Gouldian finches, society finches and birds cages
Guelph 18/05/2023
3 gouldian, 80 dollars for each, 11 society finches , 10 dollars for each and 10 cages 10-25 dollars
Pair lovebirds
Guelph 18/05/2023
Hello, I have a pair of lovebirds for sale .They are about 2 years old.. yellow one is female and green one is male. Very healthy and active birds. The cage is included for $200.
Baby Indian ringneck for sale
Guelph 17/05/2023
Baby is a male and is fully weaned. He is 10 weeks old. Ready to go into a good home :)
Lovebirds pair
Guelph 12/05/2023
I have 2 most beautiful lovebirds for sale ... if you want with cage $250.
Love birds
Guelph 10/05/2023
Mango and beach are lovely and cute male and female. Like singing all time . 11 months old .laid eggs one time and ready this days to laying eggs again .I offer them because should be travel suddenly ...
Medium Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
Guelph 09/05/2023
48 year old Medium sulphur crested cockatoo, I'm selling this wonderful animal due to my health reasons. I will soon be unable to look after my buddy Clyde. I'll miss him dearly but I cannot continue ...
Looking for a new friend for my babys
Guelph 08/05/2023
Looking for a friend for. My baby’s it doesn’t have to be a buggie
Female African grey
Guelph 07/05/2023
Female African grey for sale. She is 8 years old according to last owner. Selling for $3000. Can use for breeding. She is a larger sized female. Reason for selling is because my male is not ...
Need: female coturnix quail
Please Contact
Guelph 07/05/2023
Recently lost my hen and my roo won't stop crowing. I need a new partner for him. Preferably young and smaller in size as he's a small boy. Please help!!
Male Parakeet + Accessories for Sale
Guelph 04/05/2023
Looking to sell our 3.5 year old male parakeet (Pistachio) along with the cages, perches, toys, and accessories. Total price for all items is $425. Price Breakdown: Male Parakeet: $30 Large Cage: ...
7 month old Male Turquoisine parakeet.
Guelph 02/05/2023
This gorgeous boy was hand fed and has stayed extremely tame. He gets free roam of the house when we are home and is always wanting to be where the family is. He is not a cudly boy and he does not ...
Baby Suncheek conures
Guelph 29/04/2023
Babies are for sale for $400 each. They are being handtamed and hand fed. Currently being handfed. No delivery, or cages.
Cockatiel baby for sale
Guelph 28/04/2023
Baby cockatiel is 3 months old and fully weaned. Hand tamed and hand fed.
Blue crown conure
Guelph 28/04/2023
It’s with much sadness but I have to rehome my conure. “She” (not DNA’d)) is 8 yrs. She is not an apartment bird, she is loud. Not in a hurry and will be selective in a forever home. Contact for more ...
Cockatiel with cage, toys and food
Guelph 27/04/2023
Selling our 7month old male cockatiel with large bird cage (brand is Hagen) and all accessories. Such a loving bird, loves to cuddle, give kisses and sing. We are rehoming because the bird loves ...
Baby cockatiel
Guelph 26/04/2023
Baby cockatiels are currently 3 months and in the weaning process. They are being handfed 1 times a day and starting to eat seeds. If willing to hand feed you can take them right away but if waiting ...
Beautiful hand tame baby cockatiels available.
Guelph 10/04/2023
Beautiful hand tame baby cockatiels available. Various beautiful colors. 8 to 14 weeks old. $300 each. Please contact if interested!
Birds for sale
Guelph 05/04/2023
For $10 and $30
Two conures
Guelph 03/04/2023
Two friendly and healthy conures with cage, stand, and toys. Asking for $600 or to trade for a Ragdoll kitten
Poop off spray
Guelph 02/04/2023
Removes droppings from all types of avian diets including seed fruit nuts meat vegetables nectar bugs grains formulated diet and greens Removes even the toughest stains from clothing upholstery and ...
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