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Djembe - Toca Freestyle Rope Tuned 10-Inch
Peterborough < 35 minutes ago
Lightweight and durable seamless synthetic shell Excellent bass tones and highs Low stretch rope with braided cores
Djembe Drum Bag
Peterborough Yesterday
Hand Drum Bag Carrying handle and strap Backpack option too Voyaygeur Brand 2ft high drum $40
Vintage Old K Istanbul 14” hi hats . New stamp
Peterborough 02/08/2021
These are the nicest sounding hats I’ve ever played. Perfect for jazz. Top hat is 755 grams bottom hat is 855grams . Very good condition . Sound file below : ...
1960s 24” old A Zildjian
Peterborough 02/08/2021
$500 o.b.o Beautiful cymbal in amazing condition . Great jazz cymbal. Medium / thin. soundfile below :
Vintage 1950s Gretsch round badge (please read )
Peterborough 02/08/2021
$1000 o.b.o . 24”x 14 kick , 14” snare The snare drum is an early 1950s 3 ply Gretsch round badge Dixieland snare. It has been re finished by someone but the bearing edges are in great shape . The ...
Roland TM-2 Drum Module and RT-30K kick trigger
Peterborough 01/08/2021
Great way to conver an acoustic kit into a hybrid setup. Roland TM-2 Module runs 2 triggers at once, includes power supply $250 Roland RT-30K Acoustic Kick Trigger. $100
Remo Mondo Djembe 14"
Peterborough 01/08/2021
Remo Mondo Djembe 14" , in excellent condition, only used a few times. $540 +tax at Long & McQuade, $350
Snare Drums For sale Ludwig/Pearl (Brass) and Triggers
Peterborough 30/07/2021
Ludwig 10 Lug 6.5x14 Black Beauty brass snare in great condition with thick snare wires. $850 Pearl Sensitone Elite 6.5x14 Brass snare drum. $450 I also have a Warwick snare bag for transportation. ...
Pearl Vision Birchplywood Drum Set for sale
Peterborough 30/07/2021
Pearl Vision Birchplywood Drum Set for sale. Drums are standard sizes. Shell Pack (Kick, 3 Tom's) $650 Shells with Hardware (2 cymbal stands hi hat stand and snare stand) $850 Full kit (with shells, ...
Pearl Cowbell
Peterborough 30/07/2021
Basic model Pearl cowbell. Release your inner Will Ferrel and explore the space. In decent condition, has been played. Few scuffs and scrapes but still solid. $20 obo, pickup in Peterborough.
Zildjian cymbal
Peterborough 29/07/2021
12.5 heavy hi hat bottom, also works as a ride/bell. used, some small cracks. also no-name sticks from Long&McQuade.
Spaun vented snare
Peterborough 29/07/2021
All the way from Hollywood: Spaun vented snare drum. hand made in California. 7 x 13" diameter. 8ply Keller maple shell. Silver Sparkle finish. the vent gives it huge volume and a fairly loose snare ...
Trick bass pedal link
Peterborough 29/07/2021
Trick P1V6 bass drum link for double pedal. this one was specifically for DW pedals, but it will fit some other brands as well. the connecting pins are square, and the pin diameter is 6.3mm (1/4 ...
2 Trick Pro1-V Detonator beaters
Peterborough 29/07/2021
2 Trick Pro1-V Detonator beaters, used. Aluminum beater heads. Standard size; fits most brands of pedals. Beater head angle is adjustable and locking for 100% surface contact. Delivers high-impact ...
Tama hi hat clutch
Peterborough 29/07/2021
Tama hi hat clutch bought it but did not use it. these are very high quality and work great; fits most brands but does not fit all Pearl hi hat stands.
Electric Drum Kit
Peterborough 26/07/2021
KAT drum pad with many options and settings. Barely used. KAT electric high hat pedal, a kick pedal, and electric kick striker. Sounds like a full drum kit, with options to suit your desired sound! ...
Dixon Piccolo Snare
Peterborough 24/07/2021
Used. Poppy sound.
Sabian XS20 10” splash cymbal
Peterborough 24/07/2021
Normal wear but zero cracks. Bright and punchy sound.
Bosphorus 15” hihats k
Peterborough 24/07/2021
Great hats.
Arturia Drumbrute (OG)
Peterborough 23/07/2021
Like new in mint condition. Comes with original box & power supply. Nice workflow. Individual outs for each drum sound. Selling as I’m downsizing my setup and have been working more inside the box. ...
" Yamaha "8x8" Tom-Red Lacquer finish-Any series "
Please Contact
Peterborough 21/07/2021
Hello Drummers ; I am in search for a matching 8"x 8" Tom for my Yamaha First Gen - "Beech Custom Kit - Red Apple finish " . I know its a stretch as the kit was discontinued in the early 2000's but ...
African Djembe 12.5” $200 obo
Peterborough 20/07/2021
Solid, earthy, beautiful drum is up for sale. This is made from African cherry wood. The sound is deep and resonant. You will love this one. I’m moving out of the country so sadly, this one needs to ...
Roland Drum Triggers
Peterborough 20/07/2021
Five Roland Drum Triggers 3 Tom Triggers 1 Kick Trigger 1 Snare Trigger $75 each
Peterborough 19/07/2021
10 12 16 22 Blue sparkle “Hardwood” Some damage on bass drum hoop but no big deal, no Tom mount for bass drum included unfortunately.
Pearl Masters Studio
Peterborough 18/07/2021
Pearl Masters Studio ( birch) in excellent condition, new 930 hardware pack with a couple of mixed boom stands. Legs for the second bass drum to be used like a floor tom. Can add cymbals if you want ...
Roland KD-7 -KD-5 Bass Drum Trigger
Peterborough 14/07/2021
Roland kd-7 bass drum trigger Comes with mallet $100 Roland kd-5 bass drum trigger Comes with felt mallet. $100
DW tom mount
Peterborough 13/07/2021
DW SM991 tom mount. very strong. can be attached to cymbal stands to add toms.
Tama fast clamp
Peterborough 13/07/2021
Tama MC62 fast clamp. very useful for add-ons. these are very high quality and look great.
Drum kit -complete.  Excellent condition.
Peterborough 12/07/2021
Complete drumkit. Excellent condition. Teenage son requested but then quickly lost interest so very lightly used. $300.00
Korg nanoPAD USB Controller
Peterborough 03/07/2021
Nice little USB controller for sale. This is the older NanoPad, not the newer NanoPad2. Use this with your DAW to trigger samples, drums, all kinds of potential. Only used a couple times so it's ...
Offworld brand snare practice pad
Peterborough 01/07/2021
One of the best practice pads out there. A lot more response than a normal pad and is less likely to give you "pad hands". One side with a rim and another without that has slightly more rebound.
" Looking for 8" Splash Cymbal "
Please Contact
Peterborough 30/06/2021
Hello Drummers : I am in search of an 8" Splash cymbal - Brand not to important , but I'm partial to Sabian. I already have a 10" but may be into a 12" also . Please contact me anytime with what You ...
Drum Skins $5-30 each
Peterborough 29/06/2021
Drum skins $5-30 each Also have a set of mesh skins I’ll sell for $80 Let me know what you’re looking for Will sell everything , including mesh for $200
Drum symbol / mic stand basel
Peterborough 29/06/2021
$20 Drum symbol / mic stand basel. Posted in musical instruments, drums, percussion in Peterborough. June 29, 2021
Drum symbol stand (46”)m
Peterborough 29/06/2021
$50 Drum symbol stand . About 46” high (see picture). Perfect condition. Asking $50
Comfortable Drum Stool Head (12.5”)
Peterborough 29/06/2021
12.5” diameter $20 takes it
ludwig drum kit
Swap / Trade
Peterborough 23/06/2021
sparkling set what you see is what you get trade for ? obo
Drum kit for sale
Peterborough 23/06/2021
$350 obo Pearl target kit - stripped and repainted. 22” kick 12” Tom, 13” Tom,16” floor Tom 14” snare (1 of the tension rods is busted) I have an older pearl double kick pedal I would sell for dirt ...
Percussion , symbol bag
Peterborough 21/06/2021
$40 brand new unused
Pearl Target Series Drum Set
Peterborough 19/06/2021
Five piece Pearl Target Series Drum set with drum and cymbal noise covers. Includes two practice drum pads and drum sticks with case. Drums are in near mint condition.
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