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Looking for Nerite Snails
Please Contact
Chatham-Kent < 12 hours ago
I'm looking for a few Nerite snails for my tanks. My algae has gotten out of control and need a clean up crew asap lol. Will tip for delivery since I cannot drive.
Fish tank
Chatham-Kent < 21 hours ago
Fish tank,comes with some cichlids-$350 for everything
I take unwanted fish
Chatham-Kent 12/08/2022
Will have to drop off as I don't drive Just let me know what you want to rehome
20 gallon tall aquarium with florescent hood and metal stand
Chatham-Kent 10/08/2022
20 Gallon Tall Aquarium with florescent hood and metal wrought iron stand. Measurements for aquarium are 20 inches L x 10 W x 20 H Wrought iron stand is 2 feet 4 inches tall Aquariums can sit on the ...
Convict Cichlid Fry
Chatham-Kent 09/08/2022
lots of convict cichlid fry
90 Gallon Fish Tank and Fish
Chatham-Kent 09/08/2022
I am moving and no longer want my fish tank or fish. $475 OBO
Arrowana and other fish for sale or trade
Please Contact
Chatham-Kent 09/08/2022
Fish for sale or trade have lots
Male african cichlid
Chatham-Kent 09/08/2022
We bought this from petsmart this summer. I was hoping for a female and can’t keep him. His jaw is slightly not aligned and he is very healthy, active and growing well!
Glo tetras
Chatham-Kent 05/08/2022
I got around 12 glo tetras and a 2 Silver tetras I'm looking to sell or trade for cichlids or live plants 8 bucks each
Black diamond stingray pups
Please Contact
Chatham-Kent 04/08/2022
5” disc eating pellets and thawed shrimp
Looking to trade my tarantulas n terrariu for a fish tank set up
Please Contact
Chatham-Kent 02/08/2022
1. (Picture) white knee tarantula 2. Flame knee tarantula 3. Purple tree spider (it is a tarantula ) 4. Brazilian blue tarantula (Pterinopelma sazimai) and a 12x12x18 front opening terrarium
65 gal setup
Chatham-Kent 01/08/2022
Looking too sell/trade my tank setup will consider anything of equal value tank canister filter and heater large driftwood and some clay pots the tank holds one indo datnoid, 1 dorado catfish, 1 ...
Saltwater Fish
Please Contact
Chatham-Kent 28/07/2022
Tons of fish , corals , inverts and dry goods .
Blue cichlids (for sale or trade) looking for other colors
Chatham-Kent 28/07/2022
Juvenile blue cichlids (different sizes) $2 each
Fish  for sale
Chatham-Kent 26/07/2022
Cichlids Young ones electric yellow labs $5 each Hybrids, Electric yellow and red zebra $5 each Bumblebees $5 each Adult Kingsizei (blue and black strip) $15 Pleco’s Longfinned, short finned, albino ...
Baby Amazon Sword
Chatham-Kent 23/07/2022
Hi, selling two small Amazon sword plants Only have one plant left for $10 Located in Bothwell
Rehoming fish??? We&#39;ll take them
Please Contact
Chatham-Kent 19/07/2022
Looking to rehome your fresh water fish. We will take them in. Pick up ( dependent on distance) or drop off. Message any questions or inquiries.
7-8” flagtail
Chatham-Kent 18/07/2022
Selling my flagtail getting too big for the tank around 7-8inch great cleanup for tank keeps mine spotless will consider trades on smaller flag or looking too get 80$
Amazon piranha tank
Chatham-Kent 17/07/2022
90 Gallon freshwater tank 3 adult piranha included also comes with all kinds of accessories and pumps text for info
Aquarium background trade available
Chatham-Kent 15/07/2022
$8 Double-sided 10-gallon background. 20 inches long, just under a foot high. Try your trade.
Red Ramshorn Snails
Please Contact
Chatham-Kent 14/07/2022
I have a whole lot of Red Ramshorn Snails for sale. Selling them for 5 cents each. Cheapest you can find them for. Can be use for your fish tanks or as feeders for pufferfish
Ick Guard
Chatham-Kent 14/07/2022
Always good to have a treatment plan in case your fish get sick, I no longer need this treatment for my fish because I ended up with more than I need. Never opened. Asking $9, paid $20. Trades or ...
Aquariums for sale
Please Contact
Chatham-Kent 14/07/2022
I have three available 20, 10 and a 2 gal. 20- $40 10- $30 2- $35 ( has filter built in and lights in the lid only used twice) I have extra substrate, filters and inserts for the filters if ...
Aquarium rocks and hardscaping materials
Please Contact
Chatham-Kent 14/07/2022
I will sell bunches of rock for deals, individual stones of your choosing, and upon request, I can see if I'll be able to obtain certain styles of stone for you. If you would like to send an image of ...
Flower Horn & Parrot Fish w/ their fry
Chatham-Kent 13/07/2022
Looking to rehome as I just don’t have the time anymore. Male Flowerhorn has an amazing personality Female Parrot Fish About 6 fry
Female betta in 2 gallon tank
Chatham-Kent 10/07/2022
Female fed with brime shrimp two times a day so nice n healthy gown pretty well. She’s a small betta so she’ll be fine in the 2 gallon for a long time but if you choose to upgrade no problems there
Male betta in 2 gallon
Chatham-Kent 10/07/2022
Brime shrimp, little pinch two times a day so fed well n healthy. 2 gallon is good for him he doesn’t swim so much but he still likes to move a bit
Betta with 3 gallon fish tank
Chatham-Kent 10/07/2022
Fish is healthy n well, swims a lot, tank is a good big sized tank for him, he loves it. Feed a bit of brine shrimp two times a day
Goldfish setup
Chatham-Kent 09/07/2022
I am selling my goldfish setup. He is very healthy. He will come with tank, food, and all accessories. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Merlion blue jade asian arowana
Please Contact
Chatham-Kent 05/07/2022
Very exclusive, high quality Asian arowana. Currently eating pellets and thawed shrimp, tilapia soaked in vita chem. One of the highest quality blue base cross backs sent to Canada. This one is only ...
Chatham-Kent 02/07/2022
10inch koi please contact
Chatham-Kent 02/07/2022
Selling Microwom cultures, have two sizes available! Great for a first food for first born fish fry, easy to culture and keep going. If the add is still up I still have some available! Located in ...
Vinegar eels.
Chatham-Kent 01/07/2022
Hello, I am offering Vinegar eel cultures, $6.00 for 6oz. Local pick up only, or I can mail a 1oz starter culture anywhere in Canada for $6.00 regular post, shipping included. Have a great day, and ...
Bristlenose plecos 1.5 inch
Chatham-Kent 30/06/2022
Spotted with white markings on tails
Saltwater equipment
Please Contact
Chatham-Kent 28/06/2022
1 mp 10 only 6 months old 300.00 2 mp 40 350.00 each or both for 600.00 Also available Neptune doser never used 350.00 Plus skimmers starting 150 to 300 Reactors 80 to 120.00 2 led lights great for ...
Piranha with 30g tank + stand
Chatham-Kent 27/06/2022
I've had this red belly for about a year, he was the size of the dime when I got him. He thrives off of blood worms, but also loves other things such as de shelled peas and pieces of fresh fish ...
Air stone
Chatham-Kent 27/06/2022
FREE with any purchase or $1. Comes with the adapter. Pickup only thank you.
Maingano Chichlid juveniles for sale
Chatham-Kent 26/06/2022
Healthy, energetic, beautiful Electric blue maingano cichlid juveniles for sale, females (yellow colour) or males (blue colour) many to choose from as well as different sizes! ~ $5 a fish. Call ~ ...
Fish Tank and Stand
Chatham-Kent 26/06/2022
Fish tank and stand with filter and fish in it plus food for sale
Free 6 bar distichodus
Please Contact
Chatham-Kent 26/06/2022
Roughly 14-15” eats pellets and frozen shrimp/ tilapia Free to a new home
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