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125 gallon  Fish tank stand
Fredericton 18/05/2022
Posted by Troy Allen in pets, fish for rehoming in New Brunswick, Fredericton. May 18, 2022
Cube tank
Fredericton 18/05/2022
60 gallon cube tank with stand.
Red devil
Fredericton 16/05/2022
Red devil to rehome
Fish for rehoming
Fredericton 15/05/2022
1 angel fish 1 red jewel chiclid 1 snow white chiclid 1 yellow lab chiclid 1 red shoulder chiclid 1 strawberry chiclid 1 blood parrot Up for discussion
Dragon Scale Koi Plakat Betta
Fredericton 14/05/2022
Very peaceful and active Betta, live in a community tank with danios and kuhli loaches. I'm looking for a different center piece fish like angelfish, which isn't compatible with Betta. That's why I'm ...
Fish tank
Fredericton 12/05/2022
90 gallon fish tank. Glass is thick, it’s super heavy. Comes with filter, bubbler, heater, assesories, fish, food, and the cleaner hose tube thing, Would like 400$ but open to reasonable offers.
!!!!WANTED!!!! aquarium moss
Please Contact
Fredericton 11/05/2022
Hi! Looking to see if anyone in the Fredericton area has some moss for sale not looking for java moss. I would prefer anything but java and snails are ok. Please let me know!
Fish tank and fish
Fredericton 09/05/2022
My son is selling his fish, Two platties and fish tank 50$
Fluval flex 15 gallon
Fredericton 09/05/2022
Tank only. Stand can be included for more $$. Was used for saltwater but will be cleaned. Has a bit of glue on back wall that could probably be scraped off. Also comes with intank filtration upgrade. ...
Aquarium stand
Fredericton 09/05/2022
Great shape. Footprint is approx 20x20 inches. Pickup only 80$
Unwanted fish and equipment/supplies
Please Contact
Fredericton 09/05/2022
Hey There! I am looking for any unwanted fish supplies such as tanks, filters, bubblers, decor and any unwanted fish and live plants you may have as well including any tank cleaners. I'll take ...
36 gallon bow front Aquarium plus cabinet
Fredericton 07/05/2022
Large aqua flow filter ,heater plus extra one, light,plants , gravel ,large aquarium decorations , etc. everything in pictures plus 9 healthy fish and one large snail. Must sell please call 478-3977 ...
Please Contact
Fredericton 03/05/2022
Mollies, and more Mollies $0.50 each
Fredericton 03/05/2022
10 crayfish for sale $10 eqch
Coral box 1200 Lph pump
Fredericton 03/05/2022
Works great comes with controller 50$
Inkbird heat controller with 100w heater
Fredericton 03/05/2022
Inkbird heat controller with 100w heater. Posted in pets, fish for rehoming in Fredericton. May 3, 2022
Unwanted fish and supplies
Please Contact
Fredericton 03/05/2022
Hey There! I am looking for any unwanted fish supplies such as tanks, filters, bubblers, decor and any unwanted fish and live plants you may have as well including any tank cleaners. I will provide a ...
Fish tank with accessories
Fredericton 01/05/2022
10 gallon fishtank with all accessories included. Just need gravel to start a new aquarium.
Kio fish
Please Contact
Fredericton 24/04/2022
I have appox 20 Kio fish some are butterfly kio. Ranging in sizes from 4 inches to 9 inches. Ready to go into your pond . Selling them at $10.00 per inch. So a 4 inch fish is $40.00 and a 7 inch fish ...
Sponge filters for sale
Fredericton 24/04/2022
Two sponge filters for sale. Small one good for small tanks (few gallons). Larger one for 5 gallon tanks or larger. Just need air pump and air hose to get working. Perfect for betta tanks.
Water spangles (salvinia minima) - $5/baggie
Fredericton 23/04/2022
Water spangles floating plant (salvinia minima) for sale $5/baggie (enough for a 10/15 gallon tank) - grows insanely fast (pics are 2 weeks apart), great for nutrient uptake, shade from intense ...
Tank with Fish
Fredericton 22/04/2022
Selling my 50 gallon tank (I believe it’s a 50 I can’t quite remember) comes with all accessories and my tiger Oscar cichlid, I am moving and no longer have room to keep him unfortunately $100
Fish tank filter and heater
Fredericton 21/04/2022
Aqua tech filter and adjustable heater. Also some extra filter material. $10 each.
Fantail and Black Moor Goldfish
Please Contact
Fredericton 19/04/2022
Looking to rehome 3 of my fish. They are approximately 2-3 inches. Please contact me if you are interested.
Sailfin Vampire Pleco
Fredericton 12/04/2022
Sailfin vampire Pleco 3 available all adult size $110 each
King Tiger Plecos
Fredericton 12/04/2022
It’s adult size at around 4” $90
Bristlenose Plecos
Fredericton 09/04/2022
Juvenile Spotted Bristlenose Plecos 1.5-2 inches long. Great algae eaters and cleaner fish. Fully grown the only get 4-5 inches long and are perfect for smaller/medium size tanks.
Please Contact
Fredericton 08/04/2022
Peppermint Shrimp (Fresh Water)
Please Contact
Fredericton 08/04/2022
Peppermint Neocaridina Davidi shrimp They are a centimetre to half a centimetre 10 for $20
Stardust Mollies
Fredericton 07/04/2022
$2 each I am culling my molly stock and looking for homes for a few of them :) Some are lyre tail All are healthy
African cichlids
Fredericton 03/04/2022
African cichlids $5-15 each Different types of peacocks & yellow labs
2 adult Parrots
Fredericton 01/04/2022
2 adult sized parrot fish Super bright colour $40 each
Wanted 180 Gallon Aquarium or 150 Gallon Aquarium
Please Contact
Fredericton 29/03/2022
Looking for 180 g or 150 g
Assorted guppies
Fredericton 24/03/2022
I have several juvenile guppies for sale. A lot of yellow and black tails starting. 3.00 each or 4/10$
60 gallon cubed tank
Fredericton 23/03/2022
60 gallon tank comes with Ac 70 gravel heater a few decorations
Intank chamber one upgrade for bio cube 32g
Fredericton 21/03/2022
Brand new. Fits all bio cube 32 gallon tanks. 50$ obo
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