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Live aquatic plants.
Owen Sound < 9 hours ago
We have several species of live aquatic plants for sale. Including Java Moss, Java Fern, Crypts, Anubias Nana and Amazon Sword. We sell the Anubias and Swords individually. We have mixed bags of Java ...
Pond fish
Owen Sound < 12 hours ago
6 fish in total. 3 gold fish, one white and one black plus another small black one. The big ones are about 4 or 5 inches long Make me an offer! Located in Southampton
Fish and Tank for sale
Owen Sound < 19 hours ago
120 gallon fish tank with stand, lights and filters for sale. Comes with 35+ peacock cichlids, a parrot fish and plecos.
Koi Fish
Please Contact
Owen Sound 19/05/2022
4-7” koi fish available in various colours.
Owen Sound 19/05/2022
We have an assortment of multi coloured koi fish for sale. All of which are from last years spawn. They are all healthy and disease free. Bring your own bags or coolers Sizes: 4”-7” Price $25 each
SunSun JVP-102 1300 GPH Wavemaker Pumps
Owen Sound 18/05/2022
6 available,like new condition,bought 4 months ago,sold alot of my tanks and not needed now,(currently on amazon they are $27.26 ), silent running,can be seen operating,$15.00 each no tax,or buy all ...
Sparkling Gourami
Owen Sound 18/05/2022
Selling two sparkling gouramis, 1 male & 1 female. I just purchased them for $16 each on the weekend from someone who guaranteed they’d be good with shrimp.. 1 shrimp getting its eye ate off later I ...
Fish tank setup
Owen Sound 18/05/2022
I’m selling my fish tank with fish and everything you need for them then. The tank is 20 gallon tall tank with light and lid, the filter is for a 30 gallon to make sure it can keep the tank very ...
Aquarium plants
Owen Sound 17/05/2022
Potted aquarium plants. Many varieties of plants and mosses
Blue velvet neocaridina shrimp
Owen Sound 17/05/2022
Blue velvet neocaridina shrimp . Posted in pets, fish for rehoming in Owen Sound. May 17, 2022
Green alien females
Owen Sound 17/05/2022
Sisters, and will make excellent sorority tanks
55gal low boy lagoon +sump
Owen Sound 16/05/2022
Looking to sell my tank. It was just emptied and I'm cleaning it now. Tank will come with stand, filter socks, protein skimmer, ATO and return pump. For an extra $1100 I can include the lights. 2 gen ...
20gallon wide angle fish tank with led lights
Owen Sound 15/05/2022
Includes large 65 gallon filter 20 Tank was 180 filter was 80new 24x17x9 Includes lots of decorations and fake plants Tank ,led cover , Thanks
Gladiator clownfish & BTA
Owen Sound 14/05/2022
Shutting my tank down. Have had them for a year now. Free for pick up or you can pay for my fuel and I'll deliver within 2.5 hours of Port Elgin
Owen Sound 14/05/2022
COVID project is winding down. Must Find new Aquarium enthusiasts or one wanting to start an already well functioning entertainment. 10 & 55 Gal. Tanks with all equipment cabinet including all the ...
Saugeen Koi Club
Please Contact
Owen Sound 13/05/2022
After a break from in person meetings due to covid we are set to resume our monthly meetings. So if you have koi or are interested in learning more and sharing your knowledge with like minded people ...
Rotala rotundifolia 'Ceylon' Aquatic Plant
Owen Sound 10/05/2022
Under high light, this plant will develop a lovely pink tinge. It is a fast-growing, easy, and elegant plant. Size: Can grow very tall, does well when trimmed. Light: Med to High (This plant does ...
Dwarf Water Lettuce (Pistia Stratiotes) Floating Aquatic Plant
Owen Sound 10/05/2022
An easy little floater with sweet, velvety leaves. Size: Plants are 1cm-2cm across, with roots about the same length Light: Low to High Co2: Not required This listing is for 5 plants. Please be aware ...
Red Ramshorn Snails Freshwater
Owen Sound 10/05/2022
Ramshorn snails are great to help keep your tank clean of algae, detritus, and leftover food. They help by eating these things before they release toxins into the water column. I almost never have to ...
Common Duckweed (Lemna minor) Aquatic Plant
Owen Sound 10/05/2022
A prolific grower, it will probably need thinning out regularly. A cute little floating plant that provides cover for your livestock, while also extracting extra nutrients from the water to help keep ...
Giant Duckweed (Spirodela polyrhiza) Floating Aquatic Plant
Owen Sound 10/05/2022
A cute little, easy floating plant. They provide excellent cover to make your livestock feel more at home, while also helping to keep the water clean and algae levels low. Please do not release these ...
Red Root Floaters (Phyllanthus fluitans) Floating Aquatic Plant
Owen Sound 10/05/2022
These plants turn a beautiful pinkish colour in high light, while the undersides and red roots are short to be less intrusive in the middle and lower parts of your tank. They provide excellent cover ...
Green alien bettas
Owen Sound 08/05/2022
Stunning male green alien bettas just sexual mature. Primo quality fish. 7 in stock
Chocolate neocaridina shrimp
Owen Sound 08/05/2022
Deep chocolate or root beer colored shrimp. 5$ or 5 for 20$
Wild neocaridina shrimp
Owen Sound 08/05/2022
2$ each or 6 for 10$
Green jade neocaridina shrimp (dark)
Owen Sound 08/05/2022
10$ each or 5 for 45$
Peruvian apple snails
Owen Sound 07/05/2022
Can grow very large in perfect conditions. Like tennis ball sized. 10$ for small, $20 for large
Golden mystery snails
Owen Sound 07/05/2022
5$ for small, 10$ for large or extra large
Clown fish, yellow tang, anemones and live rock
Owen Sound 07/05/2022
Update - fish are now sold, anemones and live rock available. Shutting down salt waters tanks and looking for new homes for healthy fish. SOLD - Clown fish - rescued 4 years ago, 1.75 inches, ...
75 Gallon Aquarium / Fish Tank Setup - FX6
Owen Sound 07/05/2022
All purchased brand new less than 2 years ago. - 75 Gallon Tank - Glass covers - Custom wood stand - FX6 Canister filter (with extra filters and drain tube) - 4 ft LED Light Fixture - Koralia 1350 ...
Quick filter cartridges
Owen Sound 06/05/2022
I have for sale 19 quick filters with some filter cloths. Am asking $10.00 for everything. NO DELIVERIES
5 Gallon Fish Tank (w/ Betta)
Owen Sound 05/05/2022
5 Gallon Fish Tank, Comes with: •Betta • 3 Large Fake Plants •Plastic Castle •Sponge Filter •Thermometer •Working Light !! Nothing wrong with anything included in this listing, I simply don’t have ...
60 gal fish tank with stand, accessories
Owen Sound 04/05/2022
30x25x18 inch 55-60 gal Large healthy established aquarium with stand, fish, accessories: 7 Barbs could be sold separately. Fluvial U3 filter and airation Temperature warmer (Barbs don't need it) ...
55gal lagoon
Owen Sound 02/05/2022
Looking to sell my lagoon set up. More photos and info can be given but I'm posting it to get some interest going. Set up will come with the sump, skimmer, ATO and return pump $550 Lights can be sold ...
Dreamy blue neocaridina shrimp
Owen Sound 01/05/2022
A dark blue neocaridina shrimp, sometimes with flecks from the carbon gene. 8$ or 6 for 40$
Orange Freshwater Shrimp
Please Contact
Owen Sound 29/04/2022
Pumpkin freshwater shrimp for sale Been breeding these for over 2 years $4 per shrimp Any questions feel free to reach out
Red riding hood neocaridina shrimp.
Owen Sound 26/04/2022
They’re hard to get, and very cool
African cichlids and Tropical fish
Owen Sound 25/04/2022
We are Aquarium Services Plus and are pleased to bring a much needed service to the Hanover area. We are a full service fish store offering everything you need to keep your fish healthy and happy. We ...
Koi fish
Owen Sound 23/04/2022
Sizes range from 10-12” to 18-20” Prices range from 75-150 per fish Will be slowly bringing in more fish in the month of May, if there a size your looking for let me know!
Owen Sound 23/04/2022
Healthy Bristle nosed Algae Eaters. Help keep your tank clean. Small ones are 3 for 10.00 Larger ones are 5.00 each. Curbside pickup offered. Delivery might be possible for a small fee. 519-323-9175. ...
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