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BRISTLENOSE PLECO. 3 for 10 dollars
Renfrew 21/03/2023
Small baby Pleco, growing up to 5 inches for males and 4 for females. 3 for 10 dollars.
Pink Ramshorn snails.
Pembroke 16/03/2023
Have a ton of pink Ramshorn snails. Small to medium-large. $2 each or can bundle a bunch of 10 for $15. Will also throw in a few bladder snails for free if wanted.
Xl sunken ship 2 pieces
Renfrew 14/03/2023
Bought new and used about a year. 75 OBO In excellent condition
Liverwart, duck weed, and ramshorn snails
Pembroke 11/03/2023
Ramhorn snails babies 10 for 5$ Liverwort large fistful for 5$ Duck weed scoop for 5$ Pickup in deep river can meet in pembroke just ask and should be able to work something out.
90 gallon
Renfrew 28/02/2023
90 gallon aquarium with metal stand! New fluval heater, rocks, 2 lights, fluval 305 canister filter! Cichlid sand, 2 healthy baby Oscars! 3 large sponge filters!
Zrock Haps
Renfrew 28/02/2023
3 zrock hap cichlids forsale! 5.5 inch eating like champs! F2s! 25$ each like to sell all 3 at once!
Petawawa 26/02/2023
Blue Cobalt Zebra Angelfish 6x available 13$ per Located in Chalk River Check out our page
||Oscars, Fahaka puffer fish, Tinfoil barbs and pleco for sale.|
Pembroke 24/02/2023
We have a 10-inch Albino Oscar, 7 inch Albino Oscar, 8 inch fahaka, a 4-inch tinfoil barb, a 6 inch~ tinfoil barb and a 6 inch~ common pleco in need of a new home. All free. They don't need to go ...
hillstream loaches
Chalk River 24/02/2023
check out our other ads 18$ per Loach
~|-○-|~ Copepods, Snails, and Plants for sale ~|-○-|~
Pembroke 22/02/2023
~|-○-|~ What we have for sale currently is listed below ~|-○-|~ Plants: Common hornwort (Ceratophyllum demersum) $5.00 per 5 plants. Japanese cress (Cardamine Lyrata) $4.99 per 5 plants. Duckweed ...
Pembroke 19/02/2023
Reef mix
Pembroke 19/02/2023
I have rpm reef mix 20lbs asking 30 obo
Protein skimmer
Pembroke 11/02/2023
I have a external protein skimmer never used asking 80
Large koi
Pembroke 10/02/2023
I have 2 very large koi 8 to 10 inches open to offers
Live Rock
Renfrew 09/02/2023
Dismantling salt water setup starting with live rocks. I have at least a hundred pounds. A few soft corals, a dark pink rock anemone and lime green sunburst mini carpet nem. I also have 4foot 4bulb ...
40 g long . Aquarium fully stocked
Pembroke 07/02/2023
Fully stocked , mature aquarium with live plants and full spectrum light Four air tubes and a large multi purpose air pump and separator valves Hob filter bought new two years ago Three months worth ...
Guppy babies and large magenta apple snails
Chalk River 29/01/2023
Looking to re-home some of our baby guppies and our large magenta apple snails. We have alot of baby guppies from open lines that we are looking to re-home with a small fee. We also have a large ...
aquarium plants
Please Contact
Chalk River 26/01/2023
Aquarium Plants available - located in Chalk River Amazon Sword - Echinodorus amazonicus - 8$ Barthi Sword - Echinodorus barthii- 10$ Lobelia cardinalis - 8$ Anubias Coffefolia - 14$ Anubias ...
3 Fancy guppy females bred by Blue Leopard Galaxy male.
Petawawa 26/01/2023
3 Fancy guppy females bred by my Blue Leopard guppy (heterozygous Asian Blau gene). I am keeping the male. Selling pregnant females only. Fry will be a mix of blue leopards and multi leopard galaxy ...
Blue Medusa Galaxy guppies in Petawawa, Ontario ( + multi)
Petawawa 26/01/2023
I have 3 adult guppy females pregnant by my Blue Medusa Galaxy male (heterozygous Asian Blau). And 3 females pregnant to my multicoloured Galaxy male (Asian Blau carrier). I have attached photos of ...
Galaxy Guppy starter colony: 3 pregnant females and one male.
Petawawa 26/01/2023
This is enough to start a colony of Multi coloured Galaxies. Females are sibling to this male. They were born at the same time. They are pregnant with a different Galaxy male. All carry the Asian ...
Galaxy Sneakskin Platinum Guppies in Petawawa, Ontario
Petawawa 26/01/2023
Multicoloured Sneakskin Galaxies siblings to this male. Females were born at the same time and males from different parents. Females are pregnant from multicoloured Galaxy males. All carry the Asian ...
Colony of leopard  + Galaxy multicoloured guppies
Petawawa 26/01/2023
Multicoloured Leopard Galaxies siblings to this male. Females were born at the same time and males from different parents. Females are pregnant from multicoloured Galaxy males. All carry the Asian ...
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