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Black Rams
Please Contact
Sarnia 20/05/2022
$30-$40 each depending on grade.
Baby angels blowout sale
Sarnia 20/05/2022
I have koi veiltail , marble and zebra angels for sale 2 bucks each minum purchase of 10 dollars worth too make it worth both are time feel free to text for faster response 519-466-2782
Wanted: Freshwater Shrimp and Guppies
Please Contact
Sarnia 19/05/2022
Looking for freshwater neocaridiana shrimp for my hobby tank, specifically electric blues, blue dreams, or red rili. I am also looking for some nice guppies and Hillstream butterfly loaches if anyone ...
Fish tank & Acessories
Sarnia 15/05/2022
Selling fish tank and accessories including food for beta fish , cleaning brush, cleaning hose and filters (2 left in box) all for $40. Excellent condition. Pick up in Sarnia near Lambton Mall.
Sarnia 13/05/2022
Lots and lots Guppies I’m looking to dismantle my tank Also have some plecos two females one male
Clownfish pair
Sarnia 12/05/2022
Pair of clownfish been together a year and a half.
Assassin Snails
Sarnia 11/05/2022
$2 each or 10 for $10.
Free 130 gallon 400lb and stand
Please Contact
Sarnia 11/05/2022
Making room so getting rid of 130 gallon aquarium and smaller aquarium "idk what gallon" with stand free if you can pick it up. 130 gallon is over 400lb call if interested 519-491-9253. Prob need 2-4 ...
55 Gallon Aquarium And Stand
Sarnia 10/05/2022
The 55 Gallon Tank has no scratches or chips. Does not leak water.
Male bettas
Sarnia 10/05/2022
Beautiful male halfmoon bettas for sale. I live in London but I can ship.
Baby star fish
Sarnia 10/05/2022
This type of star fish does not get much bigger than this.
220 Gallon Fish-Tank For Sale
Please Contact
Sarnia 09/05/2022
Frame was built in the wall. Only the Tank and setup for sale. Tank comes fully custom with a sub pump ready to go with an overflow also 50lbs of sand led lights, and a FX6 Fluval Filter and another ...
Leather Coral with Green Spikes
Sarnia 03/05/2022
Hardy Leather Coral with Green Spikes for Sale in Sarnia.
For sale 2 gold gourami
Sarnia 02/05/2022
Downsizing: For Sale: 2 beautiful full grown healthy gold gourami, sex unknown. $15 each or both for $25. Text anytime or call after 3:30pm. 519-381-9931
One Angelfish for sale
Sarnia 02/05/2022
One Koi angelfish for sale. Healthy. It is a female just starting to lay eggs. Downsizing. $15. Text anytime or call after 3:30pm. 519-381-9931
For sale: Mated pair of angelfish
Sarnia 02/05/2022
Downsizing: For Sale: Healthy mated pair of angelfish, female is koi, male is zebra stripe. Need their own tank. Produce babies once a month but other fish eat them. $50 for the pair. Text anytime or ...
BULK GUPPIES - healthy mix of adult, juveniles and fry
Please Contact
Sarnia 01/05/2022
Selling/rehoming a large amount of guppy juveniles and fry including their parents. Approximately 20+ guppies 40 for all. Need gone ASAP so open to offers and trades.
Looking for
Please Contact
Sarnia 30/04/2022
Looking for xl or l bichirs
20 Gallon Fish Tank
Sarnia 28/04/2022
Selling my 20 Gallon Fish Tank, bought brand new 3 years ago. I have always kept it super clean . It comes with a sponge filter , air pump and glass lid and light . Looking to get $85 for everything. ...
Koi for sale
Sarnia 28/04/2022
There all sold but hoping to have more next spring. So keep my number if interested Phone number 2263490288
Young German Blue Rams
Sarnia 24/04/2022
Normal price is $10 each, or 3 for $25. Currently on sale for $8 each, or 3 for $20.
Young Angelfish
Sarnia 24/04/2022
Mixed/Assorted $5 each Double Black $6 each Currently quarter to toonie sized. First picture is the parents for the double blacks. Discount for volume. Located in Corunna
Turquoise Discus
Sarnia 16/04/2022
Turquoise Discus 4"+ Bought from Fins8 a couple months ago, but don't want to take the chance of having it pair up with our others and crossing. $80
Rehoming Electric Blue Glofish Tetra
Sarnia 12/04/2022
Rehoming a healthy young electric blue glofish tetra. Good temperament, active and healthy appetite. Reason for selling is lack of space.
Albino Bristlenose Pleco breeding adults
Sarnia 11/04/2022
Breeding adults 1 male and 1 female left
4ft Tank with stand (33g long)
Sarnia 11/04/2022
I have a rare 33g long tank and stand for sale. $175 obo
Floating Salvinia Minima (Water Spangles)
Sarnia 03/04/2022
Selling floating Salvinia (water spangles). 5.00/2-3 strands Easy to care for, hardy and quick to spread, Salvinia is a great plant for beginner hobbyists. Use liquid fertilizer for best results. ...
Aquarium Plants - Guppy Grass + Christmas Moss Mix *OUT OF STOCK
Sarnia 01/04/2022
I am selling a Guppy Grass and Christmas Moss mix. 6.00/handful Will be sealed in a ziplock bag with some aquarium water for easy transportation. Simple and easy to care for. Use liquid fertilizer ...
Taking In Any Unwanted Fish And Equipment
Please Contact
Sarnia 27/03/2022
I run a pet rescue in Corunna and have more space available for any unwanted fish that have out grown your tank ,to aggressive or just want to change things up .Please feel free to contact me with ...
Taking In All Unwanted Freshwater Fish
Please Contact
Sarnia 26/03/2022
I have added in some more tanks of a few different sizes and have more room to take in any freshwater fish ,that have gotten to large ,aggressive or just wanting a change in your tank ,I will take ...
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