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Longfin blue eyed bristlenose plecos
Vancouver < 5 hours ago
I have small to medium baby longfin plecos for sale 10$ for small $15 for one inch or more. $25 for big guys. 6047873238
Beautiful Healthy Blue Gourami
Vancouver < 15 hours ago
I'm trying to make space in my tank. I've got a healthy full grown blue gourami I'm trying to rehome. I'm pretty sure she's a female and around 4-5 inches long. She's really cute to watch and does ...
25 Gallon Aquarium set for Sale $250 OBO
Vancouver < 16 hours ago
Included: Tank Sponge filter set Fluval smart aquarium light Substrate Live plants Malaysian drift wood Fluval heater
Rehoming gourami, betta fish, corydoras, algae eaters, java moss
Vancouver 19/05/2022
Rehoming fish, snails, and Java moss! Also have equipment for sale (please check my other listing) Pick up near Olympic Village Skytrain Station. * Everything you see is still available, will update ...
Powerful Filter for Sale
Please Contact
Vancouver 19/05/2022
Selling my Aqua clear 50 gallon filter, almost brand new.
Peacock Bass & more
Vancouver 18/05/2022
We are Exotic Pet Imports Canada! We offer delivery anywhere in Canada, Minimum $100 order before delivery! Contact us for pictures and info ! We also offer a selection of Hikari and Northfin food ...
Knife Fish For Rehoming
Vancouver 17/05/2022
Black Knife for rehoming around 4-5''
Complete Saltwater Tank For Sale
Vancouver 17/05/2022
Complete Saltwater Aquarium for sale, comes with pulsing xenia, gsp and live rock and live snails and live sand. Tank has been established for 3 years. Included hood lights and back filter. Current ...
1 pea puffer available for a new home
Vancouver 16/05/2022
I have one pea puffer available for a new home. This little guy will eat live aquarium dwarf shrimp (such as ghost shrimp), aquatic snails (such as pond snails and ramshorn snails), live baby brine ...
55 gallons acylic aquarium
Vancouver 11/05/2022
Excellent condition 55 gallon corner acrylic aquarium with Oak cabinet stand and cover LED light, external filter, heater, air pump and lots of other accessories $750. Contact text only @ ...
Free gold fishes 5-10cm
Vancouver 08/05/2022
I have 6-7 gold fishes for free 5-10cm. They’re outgrowing my tank so I need some good people to take care of them. Pick up east Van 41st Please drop me an email I’ll send my number and location for ...
Discus for sale
Vancouver 07/05/2022
Lots of discus available-new stock 65$ each We are located in mississauga Ontario We ship same day via westjet.
Beautiful Flex aquarium with accessories
Vancouver 07/05/2022
Selling a beautiful Flex aquarium. Was only used for a few months and works very well. We have to move so we are selling. Was $180 before txt for tank alone. Selling with gravel for the bottom, ...
175 gallon Red Sea Max Saltwater Aquarium
Vancouver 05/05/2022
The tank is in great shape, chiller is included. It is now empty and ready for pick up. Very heavy so bring 3 friends or hire movers to do it for you :)
Imported Japanese Kois
Vancouver 05/05/2022
Vquatics is happy to introduce these gorgeous Japanese kois, imported straight from Japan. On sale now just in time for pond season! Many different sizes and varieties available. Pictures we have ...
5 Gl Aquarium with hood, light and filtration.
Vancouver 04/05/2022
Just plug and play. Aquarium with hood, light and filtration. Free coral decoration. There's is an inbuilt filtration system which works with any small bubble maker. I can give a bubble maker with ...
Imported Discus For Sale
Please Contact
Vancouver 02/05/2022
For Sale Top Quality Imported Thailand Discus 3"+ inch sizes. Many types to choose from. Healthy, Properly Acclimated and Disease free. Monthly Shipments of discus. Pls contact for available strains, ...
Gold Nugget Exotic Plecos Aquarium fish
Vancouver 01/05/2022
Hello I have a Gold Nugget pleco A rare and beautiful pleco available 1x Gold Nugget Pleco 3"+ $100 These plecos are great in planted community tanks. Feed them algae wafers and zucchini and they ...
6in Golden Algae Eater
Vancouver 28/04/2022
A very pretty 6in Golden Chinese Algae Eater is looking for a new home! He's territorial and was fighting with my rainbow shark, and frankly my big community tank is too small for him. $15 firm, can ...
Male avatar copper gold betta fish
Vancouver 26/04/2022
Rehoming a male avatar copper gold betta fish! Downsizing tanks so looking to rehome him, preferably a 5+ gallon tank. Pick up near Olympic Village Skytrain Station. He's gentle and good with guppies ...
Fahaka Puffer Fish for Rehoming
Please Contact
Vancouver 25/04/2022
Fahaka Puffer fish with good personality. Around 5'' Make sure you have a powerful filter with a big tank. Free to contact if interested :)
Yoyo loach for sale
Vancouver 23/04/2022
Hi there, currently i have 8 yoyo loach for sale, they are really fun, they swim alot, can help you maintain the bottom of your tank clean. Message me if interested. Thanks.
Live Grindal Worm Cultures
Vancouver 21/04/2022
Grindal Worm starter culture for sale from well established colony. Although they’re in dirt it’s guaranteed mite free. All you need is a container to start your own colony, very easy to grow your ...
Pink and purple Rams horn Snails .  .5$
Vancouver 20/04/2022
Lovely pink and purple rams horn snails for sale. Perfect for adding some colour to any aquarium. And good for cleaning and eating leftovers from the fish:)
Common brown and light brown Bristlenoes plecos.
Vancouver 20/04/2022
Healthy and energetic Bristlenoes plecos for sale. A perfect peaceful fish to keep your aquarium clean and beautiful. They are happy in a 10g Aquarium and up as they only grow to 6-7’’. 1 for 3$ 2 ...
Vinegar eel culture 5$ per cup
Vancouver 20/04/2022
Vinegar eels good for feeding any kind of fish fry. And easy to keep.
Colourful and healthy Endler Guppy’s
Vancouver 16/04/2022
Colourful and healthy Endler Guppy’s. A mix of wild Endler colours and yellows to brighten up Any tank .
Aquatic Horn wort plant.
Vancouver 16/04/2022
Healthy Aquatic Hornwort plant. Perfect for adding beautiful colour and texture to an aquarium. Also good for keeping aquarium water clean and perfect place for fish fry to feel safe and find food.. ...
Fancy Koi Female Bettas
Vancouver 13/04/2022
Lots of beautiful fish to choose from! These females are stunning! Reg. $35 each, now on SALE for $25 & under!! Get yours before they're gone! They are going fast at these prices. Easy to care for ...
Aquarium aquatic plants moss bucephalandra *huge list*
Vancouver 11/04/2022
Hey guys, It's James the AquaticPlantsMan (APM). I have been aquascaping for over 25 years now and love the grow and share my plants/ shrimp / and fish with my community. Recently I have put up a ...
Have five -8 striped barb
Vancouver 09/04/2022
15$ for 5 eight striped barb Pick up vancouver fraser
Kuhli loach
Vancouver 09/04/2022
1 for 5$ pick up vancouver fraser
Guppy Fish $1 each
Vancouver 08/04/2022
Guppy Fish Young Adult Fish 1.5-2.5 cm long-- $1 each $10 for 10 guppy fish plus a free bag of java moss (in a inch sandwich bag). Available for pick near Mount Pleasant.
Asian Red Arowana
Vancouver 08/04/2022
Asian Arowana Imports - 9 inch high quality Mitra Indonesian Super Reds (Google WaJok or Mitra). Indonesian raised Super Reds are free from Hormones, what you see is what you get. Unlike Singapore ...
Super Red Arowana
Vancouver 08/04/2022
Asian Arowana Imports - 9 inch high quality Mitra Indonesian Super Reds (Google WaJok or Mitra). Indonesian raised Super Reds are free from Hormones, what you see is what you get. Unlike Singapore ...
Vancouver 06/04/2022
22” PLATINUM AROWANA These are the rarest freshwater exotic fish in the planet as well as the most expensive ***. Please, so your research prior to contacting about these fish as they are very ...
Seeking female pea puffer companion for male pea puffer
Please Contact
Vancouver 27/03/2022
I have a male pea puffer and he seems so lonely as they can only be in a species only tank due to their aggression towards other species of fish. Since he is male and would be aggressive towards ...
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