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57 gallon corner bow front aquarium with solid wood stand
Woodstock < 19 hours ago
57 gallon corner bow front aquarium with solid wood stand, double fluorescent light, ehuim 2213 canister filter , heater , gravel and a few ornaments 27" x 27" x 23" height
32 gallon long aquarium with solid wood stand and led lighting
Woodstock < 19 hours ago
32 gallon long aquarium with solid wood stand, glass lid, led lighting, heater, filter, gravel and some ornaments 36" x 12" x 17" height
25 gallon aquarium with fluorescent light
Woodstock < 19 hours ago
25 gallon aquarium with canopy and fluorescent light, heater, filter, gravel and a few ornaments 30" x 12" x 16" height
23 gallon bow front aquarium
Woodstock < 19 hours ago
23 gallon bow front aquarium with canopy and fluorescent light, undergravel filter with dual air pump, filter, heater, gravel and a few ornaments. Tank has been re-sealed 24" x 15" x 18" height
2 small koi for a pond
Woodstock Yesterday
2 small koi for a pond One is gray and one is orange Gray one is 2 and a half inches Orange one is 1 and a half inches
White Ramshorn snails
Please Contact
Woodstock Yesterday
White shell with pink bodies. Also have some blue
Woodstock 01/07/2022
$5 a sandwich bag
Large corys cats
Woodstock 01/07/2022
2 peppered and about 6 or 7 bronze
Fish tank
Woodstock 29/06/2022
Need to get rid of it asap. 2 Zebra Danios and 4 Bettas.
LOOKING FOR standard Goldfish / standard Koi for Outdoor Pond
Please Contact
Woodstock 29/06/2022
LOOKING FOR standard Goldfish / standard Koi for Outdoor Pond Do you have an outdoor pond that is overloaded with fish this year ? Want to make a little cash from those fish ? I am looking for a few ...
Fish Tank with all the supplies you need!
Woodstock 27/06/2022
15 g fish tank, with gravel, decor, pump, light, food and water conditioner Everything you need and more! Tetra colour flakes Tetracolour granules Shrimp wafers Nitration bio clear Water conditioner ...
40 Gallon Fish Tank with Stand
Ingersoll 26/06/2022
-Includes two filters, plant and rock decor, cleaning tools, gavel syphon, net and heater. -Comes with two different tank backgrounds -For everything $300
29 gallon fish aquarium with lid
Woodstock 19/06/2022
Top fin 29 gallon fish aquarium with lid Light works Has some water stains, will need a wipe down
75 gallon cichlid tank with fish heater and filter
Woodstock 17/06/2022
Sold kkkkkkkkk
Pond Goldfish
Woodstock 15/06/2022
-Each fish is $5.00 -Sizes vary from 5 to 7 inches -Can have any number of fish, as there is lots.
Assorted Cichlids
Woodstock 14/06/2022
Selling all my cichlids and the tank. $5 to $10 each, or make me an offer for all of them.
Corydora Catfish
Woodstock 11/06/2022
3 Corydora Catfish, bronze, peppered, and a light bronze. Approximately 3 to 3 1/2 " or 8 to 9 cm long, pics are of actual fish for sale. $10 each Phone or text for fast response (519) 469-3349 or ...
Large Gold mystery snails $5
Woodstock 10/06/2022
$5 each. Also have a ivory and a brown.
Assassin snails
Woodstock 10/06/2022
$4 each. will eat your pest snails Posted by Ashley in pets, fish for rehoming in Ontario, Woodstock. June 10, 2022
Breeding pair nicaraguan cichlids
Woodstock 09/06/2022
4-5" nicaraguan cichlids. Healthy and active! Asking $130 OBO
Woodstock 05/06/2022
Silver aro eating everything. Never fed live though. Sitting at about 12-14" Great condition, no drop eye. Gets along with all my cichlids. Asking $80 Pick up in woodstock
Red Tiger Severum RARE!
Woodstock 05/06/2022
I have RARE baby red tiger severums! True Heros Curare! Sitting at about 3" they're to the size where they're hardy and starting to develop nice pattern and even a little color. You won't find these ...
Young shortfin Bristlenose plecos
Woodstock 05/06/2022
Plecos $3 each. These plecos don't get bigger then 6"
Seachem Algae Scraper & API Test Kits
Woodstock 29/05/2022
Condition: Used - Like New Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Inc (API) Test Kits - Nitrate/Nitrite/Ammonia and PH - LIKE NEW - Compare at $50 Excluding Taxes Seachem 3-In-1 Algae Scraper 12" - LIKE NEW - ...
5-6" male bristle nose pleco
Woodstock 26/05/2022
5-6" male bristle nose pleco
70 Gallon Fish Tank
Woodstock 24/05/2022
I am selling my 70 gallon fish tank. It's hard to part with it as it's a beautiful aquarium but I just don't have the time anymore. Tank is in good condition. Comes with everything, Rena canister ...
Wanted: Duckweed
Please Contact
Woodstock 22/05/2022
My apple snails love eatting it so I would love a bunch more!
5" pleco
Woodstock 21/05/2022
5" pleco Posted by Mike in pets, fish for rehoming in Ontario, Woodstock. May 21, 2022
Aquarium lights
Woodstock 21/05/2022
Lifegard ultraslim led lights Model R800055 Fits tanks 72" - 78" One has never been used, One used for less than a year Both work great Located in Ingersoll Asking 75 for new 60 for used Or take both ...
45g and accessories and fish
Please Contact
Woodstock 20/05/2022
Fish tank 45g. And all its accessories. Canister filter. Regular filters.
Betta fish nemo galaxy copper healthy
Woodstock 19/05/2022
I have some bettas nemo galaxy coper for sale. They are healthy $25ea
Selling nemo galaxy betta fish healthy
Woodstock 17/05/2022
I'm selling Betta fish nemo galaxy healthy 4monh old female & male $20 ea
female blue bettas
Woodstock 16/05/2022
I have some blue bettas up for sale. They are younger and get along very well with other fish. I have around 3 or 4 for sale. Price negotiable
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