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    • Goat kids


      Goat kids


      Twin goat kids, one buckling, one doeling. Mom is a ND, dad was Pygmy. Born Mar 16.1st photo is then today, 2nd photo is the buckling, 3rd photo is the doeling, last photo is them as day olds. ...

    • Chicks for sale


      Chicks for sale


      5- 3week old chick not sure sex 10$each 2- 1week old chick not sure sex 5$ each

    • Looking for hatching eggs


      Looking for hatching eggs


      Looking for hatching egg of the following breeds, Serama, mille fleur, gold and silver lace orpingtons, silver dorking. May consider other breeds.

    • Call duck hatching eggs


      Call duck hatching eggs


      Have a dozen call duck hatching eggs mixed mallard and white 30$

    • Orpington Barred Rock Chicks

      Please Contact

      Orpington Barred Rock Chicks


      Must take both $10 ($5 each) Moms are Chocolate Orpington & Buff Orpington Dad is Plymouth Barred Rock. Great dual purpose birds, excellent large brown egg layers, we average 7lbs at 16 weeks ...

    • Young pigs


      Young pigs


      Young pigs 40 to 45 pounds, taking orders. Pick up days will be in May and June Please 506 251 9486

    • Chicken Hatching Eggs


      Chicken Hatching Eggs


      Backyard mix $10/doz. I get around 16 eggs a day with 20 hens. I've had good fertility/hatching rates (last batch was 11 chicks out of 12 eggs)but not guarenteed. Eggs are collected daily at the end ...

    • 2 week old Easter Eggers chicks


      2 week old Easter Eggers chicks


      Looking to raise blue or green layers? Easter egger chicks. Unsexed. Hatched April 5th Strathadam NB $8 each or 10 for $60 Also have hatching eggs from our mixed flock of splash ameraucanas and ...

    • ducklings for sale. 2.5 weeks $15 each


      ducklings for sale. 2.5 weeks $15 each


      Peking ducklings for sale. 2.5 weeks $15 each. Thank you

    • Boar goat


      Boar goat


      Pure Boar goat ready to go

    • Baby chicks


      Baby chicks

      Trout Brook

      Baby chicks mixed breeds

    • Goat Buck Kid


      Goat Buck Kid


      I have a one week old saanen/apline/lamancha buck kid. His horns were removed today, and he will be castrated on monday. His mother is half alpine/lamancha and is a good milker. The lamancha is very ...

    • Purebred Nigerian Dwarf Goat Buckings for Sale or Trade


      Purebred Nigerian Dwarf Goat Buckings for Sale or Trade

      Chaplin Island Road

      *** One Left *** Purebred Nigerian Dwarf Goat Bucking for Sale $200 or reasonable trade. For inquiries, please call me directly at 506-622-3362 and ask for Shannon (I don't check my ad regularly and ...

    • 4 week old orpington mix trio


      4 week old orpington mix trio


      2 hens, 1 roo. Must go together. $15

    • Mixed chicks


      Mixed chicks


      Day old mixed barnyard laying chicks. Day old mixed bantems. $5 per chick. Available as of: March 25th.

    • Kid goat


      Kid goat


      ONE GOAT LEFT! -One kid male half Saneen and half Nigerian dwarf 150$ all white with horns Keeping the twin female because the mother is the best goat ever.

    • straw for sale


      straw for sale


      straw for sale small bale 5$ call 627-9061 Rogersville

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