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  • Adorable Dwarf Goat Herd


    Adorable Dwarf Goat Herd


    Adorable starter herd of Nigerian dwarf goats. 4 does , 2 doelings and a buckling. 3 of the does had twins , 1 had a a large single doeling. Most have waddles. I believe all 4 does are in milk ...

  • Peacock Fertile Hatching Eggs


    Peacock Fertile Hatching Eggs


    Fertile Blue Shouldered Peacock Hatching Eggs, $40 each.

  • Boer Kiko nanny and doeling goat


    Boer Kiko nanny and doeling goat

    Fraser Valley

    Mother and daughter Boer Kiko goats located in Mission BC. Mother (Sophie) just turned 3 this year, daughter is about 10 weeks old (she is a triplet). Both are docile, can give mum grain and trim her ...

  • Nigerian Dwarf Goats


    Nigerian Dwarf Goats

    Maple Ridge

    Nigerian Dwarf Goat Kids will be ready to go in a few weeks.$250 each. Born April 15.One buck one doe brother and sister.Very friendly.They are already eating solid food,but I would like to keep them ...

  • Nigerian dwarf goat buck for sale


    Nigerian dwarf goat buck for sale

    Maple Ridge

    Young buck born September 19 2023.He is shy but can be interested with food. Healthy,pasture raised.Ready to go to new home.He is black and white,but his dad is multicolored and mum is red. tex for ...

  • Serama roosters


    Serama roosters


    Serama roosters/cockerals, 4 available $15 each or take all for $50. Pick up only, in Mission

  • Rare heritage breed chicks


    Rare heritage breed chicks


    Wide variety of rare Heritage chicks available 1day old -1 week old Prices in picture Exchequer leghorn-white egg Swedish flower hen-tan egg Opal legbar-blue egg Silverudd Isbar splash-green egg ...

  • Babydoll Southdown ram lamb


    Babydoll Southdown ram lamb


    Black babydoll Southdown ram lamb. Registered and vaccinated. Ready to go to greener pastures on June 5th! We have a small flock and he is used to goats, donkeys, dogs, and chickens.

  • Lambs for sale $350


    Lambs for sale $350


    Southdown lambs for sale. Ready to go!

  • Call Ducklings


    Call Ducklings


    Call Ducklings for sale. Message for availability. They are excellent pets and easy keepers. Great addition to any hobby farm.

  • Coturnix Quail Breeding Males


    Coturnix Quail Breeding Males


    Interested in adding fresh genes into your existing flock? Cage-free and organic raised coturnix quail. Calm temperament, celadon (blue egg) gene, and beautiful colours; including English white, ...

  • Coturnix Quail Hatching Eggs


    Coturnix Quail Hatching Eggs


    Organic and cage free hatching eggs for your own coturnix quail! Colours include English white, tuxedo, brown, speckled, august amber, and pharaoh. Celadon (blue egg) gene included. 1 dozen for $12. ...


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    ****QUALITY Goats*** My breeding Bucks are in the last 2 pics and are Breeding Bucks and are NOT FOR SALE. '''''''''''' I HAVE SOME NICE DEHORNED BUCKS '''''''''' For meat or the upcoming breeding ...

  • Southdown babydoll lambs for sale


    Southdown babydoll lambs for sale


    Southdown babydoll lambs for sale. Born Feb 22 and March 7th. Southdown babydoll sheep are known for their gentle temperament and make wonderful hobby farm pets. Both are Rams.

  • Goat doe still in milk, & Young Billy Goat ready to be weaned


    Goat doe still in milk, & Young Billy Goat ready to be weaned

    Fraser Valley F

    Brown doe about 2.5 years old, has had one healthy baby and she is still in milk. Looks like a deer! All white baby billy about 2.5 months old, ready to be weaned. Reason for selling is we are ...

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