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    • Purebred heritage breed chicks

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      Purebred heritage breed chicks


      Day old purebred heritage breed available : -Blue/Black/Blue Wheaten Ameraucana - will lay blue eggs. -Black Copper Marans (1 left) - will lay dark brown eggs. -Blue/Black Noirans - will lay dark ...

    • Tubs for sale


      Tubs for sale


      2 Tall tubs for sale Both hold water and have plugs No covers $120 each

    • Fibreglass Tank


      Fibreglass Tank


      Fibreglass tank Inside measurements are: 47” wide 35”deep 95” long Has a 2” drain in the bottom $400

    • call duck


      call duck


      looking for call duck hatching eggs or ducklings

    • Pot belly pigs


      Pot belly pigs


      I have to pot belly pigs both male intact look rehome both at same time anty questions send massage $150 or trade for something of interest

    • Roofing metal


      Roofing metal


      Used roofing metal for sale. 18 sheets 33”wide 6 sheets are 15’ long with rust on the edges. 12 sheets are 6’ long with bends and tears. $200

    • Livestock wire/ fencing


      Livestock wire/ fencing


      24” wide x100’ Works great for livestock pens and fencing. $150

    • Alaskan Snow Ringneck Pheasant (Hatching Eggs)


      Alaskan Snow Ringneck Pheasant (Hatching Eggs)

      Sable River

      Eggs are collected multiple times a day from a breeding group of 15 hens, ensuring that you receive the freshest, cleanest eggs. $60 per dozen 2 dozen minimum for shipping via Canada Post

    • Blue Wheaten Ameraucana chicks

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      Blue Wheaten Ameraucana chicks


      Day old purebred Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas. They'll lay blue eggs! Sold straight run. Ready to leave.

    • Welsh harlequin hatching eggs


      Welsh harlequin hatching eggs


      $20/half dozen.

    • Six crested cream legbar HEN chicks


      Six crested cream legbar HEN chicks


      Updated April 8 - 4 remaining more due in a week . Six three day old crested cream legbar chicks looking for a new coop. These girls will grow up to lay large - XL blue eggs . This breed is one of ...

    • 3 Serama roosters


      3 Serama roosters


      Free young serama roosters.

    • Doeling




      7 month old doeling She’s 3/4 boer 1/4 kiko, very friendly and tame but new kids will soon be in the block and need the room Must go to a home with other goats Located in Freeport

    • [ RARE ] Ko Shamo


      [ RARE ] Ko Shamo

      Sable River

      This small, relaxed oriental breed would be perfect for any child interested in showing chickens via 4-H, or simply someone looking for a bantam-sized breed that is handleable and friendly. They are ...

    • Goat Kids Born March 7


      Goat Kids Born March 7

      Clark's Harbour

      Tan and black is a doeling White and black is a buckling Dad is Lamancha, Mom is likely Alpine/Nubian and a great dairy goat. $150 each, Buckling ready to go in May, Doeling later in the summer! ...

    • Hatching eggs, breeds list for 2024 -ORDERS CLOSED FOR NOW-

      Please Contact

      Hatching eggs, breeds list for 2024 -ORDERS CLOSED FOR NOW-


      ***ORDERS CLOSED UNTIL SUMMER*** Situated in South shore, we raise heritage breeds. This is our list for 2024. Contact us to be on the waiting list!

    • Chicken chicks and pheasant


      Chicken chicks and pheasant


      We have chicks coming up. White silkie $12 each Sexed Rhodebar $6.25 each female. 5.75 each male. Ringneck pheasant eggs $2.50 and chicks $7 also available.

    • Red wattle cross


      Red wattle cross


      Downsizing a bit. Selling one sow in the first pic. She will be 2 in August. 1/2 Red wattle 1/2 Berkshire. 200$ And a 5 month old Gilt in the second pic. (Smaller one in the back) shes 3/4 Red Wattle ...

    • Goat Buckling


      Goat Buckling

      Clark's Harbour

      Born March 7, mom is *likely* Nubian Alpine mix and a great dairy goat. Dad is Lamancha. Can be wethered. Ready to go May 2!

    • Male Mandarin Ducks


      Male Mandarin Ducks

      Sable River

      A very pretty ornamental duck that doesn't require a permit to keep! Fully flighted. Only males available. $40 each Located in Sable River, Shelburne county (NS)

    • Pigmy goat


      Pigmy goat


      Year old female pigmy goat looking for a new home

    • Katahdin Ram Lamb (Sold PPU)


      Katahdin Ram Lamb (Sold PPU)

      Meteghan River

      Katahdin ram lamb born February 12. Will be available end or May/ early June $200. Cash only