Other Pets for Rehoming in Barrie

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Other Pets for Rehoming


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    • Looking for Baby Dumbo male rats


      Looking for Baby Dumbo male rats


      Hi I’m looking for two baby Dumbo male rats. Preferably selfs in colours like grey, brown, black etc. No hoodies

    • Hairless Guinea Pig


      Hairless Guinea Pig


      Hairless Guinea pig (Teddy) looking for a new forever home Unfortunately, my daughter has developed an allergy to the Timothy Hay that he requires as part of his diet so we are looking for a well ...

    • Armadillidium Peraccae Isopods


      Armadillidium Peraccae Isopods


      Armadillidium Peraccae Isopods These guys get big, make great pets, bioactive clean up crew or feeder insects for reptiles. You will get 15+

    • Lion head bunny


      Lion head bunny


      White female bunny with grey and light tan around her eyes Dark blue eyes Litter trained 1.5 years old Has a lot of character Cage and everything needed included Not spayed

    • Baby Axolotls


      Baby Axolotls


      7 left! No holds. Baby/Juvenile axolotls for sale. $30 depending on size. If the ad is still up, they’re still available. Parents are GFP melanoid.

    • Female tarantula


      Female tarantula


      Mature female phormictopus cancerides Healthy, eats like a champ, young! She's only about 5 years old $250 Comes with her tub.

    • Netherland dwarf bunny


      Netherland dwarf bunny


      1 year old male netherland dwarf, loves to be cuddled, great with kids and dogs and chickens

    • Tux is a lop ear rabbit  black white wood  home playpen food


      Tux is a lop ear rabbit black white wood home playpen food


      Everything is included I paid just under 300$ for beautiful little wooden quality home tux is indoor great for child grandkids love him but r moving and I have no time for him he needs to be loved ...

    • Cinnoman Pewter - Male


      Cinnoman Pewter - Male


      No BP trades Check other adds for more

    • Dairy cow Isopods


      Dairy cow Isopods


      $20 - 15+ Dairy cow (Porcellio Laevis) are a great addition to your enclosures. Not only will they clean up your pets waste, they will add nutrients into your soil to benefit your plants! Willing to ...

    • Tarantula




      - Female Haplopelma Vonwirthi, 6", $250 (special tank included) - Female Heteroscodra Maculata, 5", $60 - Lasiodora diff, 5", $100 - Lasiodora Parahybana, 5", $100 - Poecilotheria Rufilata, 6", $300 ...

    • Rabbits Free To A Good Home


      Rabbits Free To A Good Home


      We have 9. Five of them are black LopEar, two are multi LopEar, one is grey LionHead Rex/LobEar, one is brownish LionHead Rex/LobEar. Very tamed & love to be cuddled bunnies. They are 2 1/2 - 1 1/2 ...

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