Other Pets for Rehoming in Edmonton

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Other Pets for Rehoming


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    • Dairy Cow  Isopods- the pet you didn't know you needed


      Dairy Cow Isopods- the pet you didn't know you needed


      Porcellio laevis! Dairy Cows! Adorable land crustaceans! If you don't love them, you haven't had the pleasure of caring for them yet. My little herd is well loved and as a result, they've...loved ...

    • Bunny and everything u need


      Bunny and everything u need


      Long floppy ears and all black , house with up and down stairs, plus food and supplies included

    • Crested Gecko and Terrerium


      Crested Gecko and Terrerium


      We are selling our Crested Gecko along with his terrarium and all the gear. The gecko is a healthy 4 year old. It’s just that the novelty of owning a Gecko... See more

    • 5 tarantulas


      5 tarantulas


      I have 5 tarantulas available with their enclosures needing new homes. My health has taken a turn for the worst and I can no longer keep up with everything. I am asking $75 each and they come with ...

    • Powder Orange Isopods


      Powder Orange Isopods


      Great beginner isopods and an excellent clean up crew! Please do research before getting any sort of animal. They will come in a small deli cup with a bit of sphagnum moss, some coco fiber and leaf ...

    • Isopods!




      Isopods! All listed sre still avaliable! Trichorhina tomentosa "dwarf whites" 10$/culture. 30-40 isos Porcellio Laevis "Dairy Cow" 50 cents each! Armadillidium Vulgare "Magic Potion US line" 4$ per ...

    • Potbelly Pigs


      Potbelly Pigs


      These pigs were included in a package deal of some panels and fencing I recently purchased. They aren’t pet friendly but show the potential. They have never shown any aggression and are starting to ...

    • Dairy Cow Isopods 15+


      Dairy Cow Isopods 15+


      Offering two containers with 15+ dairy cow Isopods (Porcellio Laevis) for $35 each

    • Bunnies for sale


      Bunnies for sale


      The white bunny is a New Zealand male The grey bunny is a mix breed and is only 10 dollars

    • Magic potion isopods


      Magic potion isopods


      $50 per 25 count. $100 per 50 count. Open to negotiation :) Magic potion isopods; an amazing cleanup crew. Timid. Selectively bred for the past year, I’m very proud of the isopods produced. Tons of ...

    • 2 sugar glider siblings


      2 sugar glider siblings


      These 2 are darling and are great companions male and female the male will need to be fixed selling together only with cage is negotiable. I have a lot of smarts when it comes to owning these little ...

    • Sugar glider babies!!


      Sugar glider babies!!


      Set of brother sister siblings! 5 months of age and ready to go to their forever home! The male is lighter in the face and more creamy tan and the female is darker in face u will also be able to tell ...

    • Cherry Shrimp


      Cherry Shrimp


      Pick up only Southside Cavanagh or Sherwood park Lakeland Dr Neocaridina Shrimp Orange pumpkin 4.50$ each 10 for 40$ Fire red 3.50$ each 12 for 35$ Red rili Kohaku 4$ each 10 for 35$ Blue dream ...

    • "Rubber Duckie" Isopods


      "Rubber Duckie" Isopods


      Cubarius sp. Rubber Ducky Isopods 13$ a bug Pickup Edmonton area

    • Tapinauchenius Tarantulas

      Please Contact

      Tapinauchenius Tarantulas


      I'm selling my 2 juvenile tapi's. Not for beginners! Please do your research before considering these guys. The T. Plumipes 'Ramona' is active and is out and about quite a bit. They are a vicious ...

    • Stuffed 1.5 ft long  fox


      Stuffed 1.5 ft long fox


      Nice realistic fox

    • Stuffed big deer


      Stuffed big deer


      Very realistic deer

    • P.Regalis unsexed

      Please Contact

      P.Regalis unsexed


      T for sale in north Edmonton, P.Regalis Unsexed at 3.5-4” contact for more info.

    • Red wiggler composting worms


      Red wiggler composting worms


      Starter worm bins for sale. Each 11 liter worm bin is all ready to go with compost and 400 worms. Other options with bin a worms. They multiply very fast. 300 worms plus eggs 40 $ 400 worms plus eggs ...

    • Parrots for sale


      Parrots for sale


      4 parrots with cage and all accessories and food 200$ pickup near West Edmonton mall. 87 ave.

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