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  • Rabbit Cage


    Rabbit Cage


    Rabbit cage is in good condition. Bought 160 brand new. Used for 2 years. Selling for $80 Price negotiable

  • Scud culture


    Scud culture

    City of Toronto

    Scuds are small fresh water crustaceans that are a great addition to nano and planted aquarium and excellent for feeding tropical fish. Easy to culture. $5 per 10 to 20 scuds $10 for 20 to 50 scuds.

  • 1day quail for sale


    1day quail for sale

    City of Toronto

    Baby Quail 1 day old for sale Please contact me at #416-648-0859

  • Automatic litter robot


    Automatic litter robot

    Old Toronto

    Only used a couple of times but it’s so big it doesn’t fit in my condo bathroom. Defo check the dimensions before. Pick up queen west

  • Equilibrio veterinary (7kg)


    Equilibrio veterinary (7kg)

    City of Toronto

    Equilibrio dog food is a premium, balanced diet for dogs. It consists of high-quality protein sources, essential vitamins and minerals, and wholesome ingredients like chicken, salmon, and vegetables. ...

  • Flowerhorn



    City of Toronto

    Need new home 2 flowerhorn for 450! Serious buyer for 400$ for 2….

  • Big Sale: Papaya Isopods!


    Big Sale: Papaya Isopods!


    Offering 40+ Papaya Isopods/ Cubaris Murina for $25 Pick up only! (Queen West) Amazing clean up crew for bioactive terrariums! Very cute little dudes!

  • Bioactive plant bromelioideae


    Bioactive plant bromelioideae

    City of Toronto

    One for $10, discount on multiple Pick up Burlington around

  • Large worms fishing or compost bin 45 worms


    Large worms fishing or compost bin 45 worms

    City of Toronto

    Best for fishing 5$for 45


    Please Contact


    East Garafraxa

    Frozen feeders available at Reptile Ready (partnered with Ontario Reptile Rescue). Price list is available in image. 5% off orders of 50+, 10% off orders of 100+. Purchase through www.reptileready.ca ...

  • Microworm culture


    Microworm culture

    City of Toronto

    Microworm starter culture on oats. Clean, no bugs and no mold. Great for feeding small fry. Easy to culture. $5 microworm starter culture $10 active microworm culture

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