Reptiles & Amphibians for Rehoming in Trenton

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Reptiles & Amphibians for Rehoming


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  • Acanthoscurria geniculata


    Acanthoscurria geniculata

    Quinte West

    Acanthoscurria geniculata slings available and ready to go. They are 2ed instars 1 picture is 1 of many and the other is the mother whom is not for sale so dont even ask please just the slings are ...

  • Lrg and XL Feeders


    Lrg and XL Feeders


    Surplus of frozen rats Lrg Feeders 30 Total Sold in packs of 10. 30.00 Per Pack XL Feeders 11 in total. 40.00 Prices are firm. Average price from breeder is 4.00 plus per lrg. Pick Up Brighton.

  • Beautiful large male albino leopard gecko


    Beautiful large male albino leopard gecko


    Looking to rehome this beautiful guy. He is friendly has never tried to bite or shown any aggression likes to be out just hanging out on your shoulders. I need to downsize on my lizards as I just ...

  • 48x24x16 PVC & PVC Stand


    48x24x16 PVC & PVC Stand


    48x24x16 PVC Enclosure - 150.00 Still in good condition but has seen some use. With heat and light. 48x24x16 PVC Stand - 150.00 Corners world pvc riser. Sturdy and in excellent condition. One side ...

  • Geckos & Tanks


    Geckos & Tanks


    Is anyone looking for or interested in getting a crested gecko. Pm me for price if you are interested. Can come with or without tanks but each gecko has their own tank. Tanks are identical to the one ...

  • New 10 gallon terrarium tank


    New 10 gallon terrarium tank


    New 10 gallon tank! Comes with screen lid with lock, desert carpet substrate, heat mat, food and water dish. This is a perfect tank for small gecko type lizards, tarantulas and scorpions. Located in ...

  • Ball pythons


    Ball pythons


    12 ball pythons, homemade enclosures, heat mats with heat tape and thermostats. Males and females. All in great health, full sheds. They eat live, some can be coaxed to eat frozen thawed. 1000 takes ...

  • 1.1 Solomon Island Ground boas (Candpia Paulsoni)


    1.1 Solomon Island Ground boas (Candpia Paulsoni)


    Have a pair of Candoia Paulson available, both WC. Both are currently eating F/T rats, but has also had mice and asf. Unfortunately just need to downsize Pics 1-3, Female. imported start of 2020, and ...

  • 2x Male Honduran Milk Snakes


    2x Male Honduran Milk Snakes


    Male Honduran Milksnakes 1.0 Albino 200.00 1.0 Tangerine Albino 250.00 Open to trade for Hognose, ATB’s or multi gene adult ball python Pick up Brighton On.

  • Reptile Rescue


    Reptile Rescue


    Don't worry If yu cant take care of your coldblooded buddys anymore I have many years experience and a big collection of rare reptiles I care for if your interested in letting me know what you got I ...

  • Phantom lilly white X pin stripe


    Phantom lilly white X pin stripe


    Beautifull ready to breed male phantom lilly X pinstripe from @portgeckos try your trade obo.....

  • Tricolour male crestie


    Tricolour male crestie


    Beautiful young male produced by me stunning colours try your trade obo...

  • Tricolour lilly white Female


    Tricolour lilly white Female


    Beautiful tricolour lilly female super beautiful colors pictures do no justice try your trades obo....

  • Yellow dalmatian male crested gecko


    Yellow dalmatian male crested gecko


    Male crested gecko looking for new forever home, is about 5 years old and is very healthy and easy to handle as he has been handle a lot eats very well is not picky he is very active I can hear him ...

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