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2 Piranhas
Belleville 23/05/2022
2 Piranhas needing a new home. I have had them for about a year now so not exactly sure their age. Moving and don’t have the room for them. They are currently eating shrimp, blood worms and pellets.
45 gallon fish aquarium Inc fish
Belleville 23/05/2022
45 gallon gold fish aquarium. All inside contents included, back filter, and stand. Light not included and doesn't come with lid. Pearl scale dold fish - approx 1 year, male. Oranda - unknown. Lion ...
Pleco $2 each
Belleville 23/05/2022
$2 each Pleco $2 each. Posted in pets, fish for rehoming in Belleville. May 23, 2022
OB Cichlid fry
Trenton 21/05/2022
I have several OB Cichlids about 1 - 1.5" in size. Last two pictures of of the parents and are not for sale. Asking $ 5 each or 5 for $20 also have 2-2.5" for $10 each
Bushy Nose Plecos
Belleville 21/05/2022
Bushy nose plecos for sale!
WTB 30-40 gal tank
Please Contact
Trenton 21/05/2022
Lookin for a good condition 30-40 gallon tank WITH a stand and hood. Please let me know what you have! Thanks.
Tank and fish
Belleville 20/05/2022
I have a salt water tank that comes with 2 clowns and puffer and goby and a royal gramma plus a bag of live sand reason for letting go is I am having issues qith keeping it clean unfortunately
African Cichlid
Belleville 18/05/2022
3-4 inches male healthy asking $10
Corner Sponge Filters
Belleville 18/05/2022
$15 each. Corner Sponge Filters. Posted in pets, fish for rehoming in Belleville. May 18, 2022
Trenton 16/05/2022
Swordtails are reproducing like crazy. Need to sell some of the little guys off.
Trenton 16/05/2022
AQUACLEAR 110 HOB FILTER They retail at Pet Smart for $120 Works as it should
55 gallon set up
Please Contact
Trenton 16/05/2022
55 Gallon set up has everything except a heater. Stand, lid, lights, filters, aerator. Make an offer need it gone
Fish for rehoming
Please Contact
Belleville 14/05/2022
Bala shark $15 Bichir $10 Feeder fish $10 for all Catfish 15
Belleville 14/05/2022
2 year old koi. Various sizes and colours. 5-6 inches $ 20 4-5 inches $15 under 4 inches $10
Fresh water fish ...for free
Please Contact
Belleville 12/05/2022
Free fish......convicts for free.... About 18 months old
Salt water
Belleville 12/05/2022
I have 2 salt water setups one is 110 gallons and the other is 70 110 comes with fx6 filter inline uv sterilizer needs a light has an air powered skimmer but needs air pump 70 gallon comes with a ...
Aquarium stand 55 gallon
Trenton 12/05/2022
4 foot long 55 gallon stand in good condition has front opening doors you can store things inside looking for $70 obo might trade for reptiles/ accesories. Or other things
135 Gallon Fish Tank
Trenton 11/05/2022
135 Gallon Fish tank plus all the accessories •stand •lights •thermometer •FX4 filter •decorations Currently occupied by 2 Oscars approx 4 years old, 1 Jack Dempsey, and a bunch of Jewel cichlids. ...
PPPU Two calico looking Koi
Trenton 09/05/2022
About 4-6inches long currently! loved the color’s so wanted to get them till they started getting bigger. Would be good pond fish, or big tank fish.. their still small just big for my little tropical ...
looking for unwanted tanks and aquariums
Belleville 09/05/2022
any tanks or aquariums that need a new home and you need gone let me know I am interested in anything over 40 gallons
looking for fish in need of new home
Belleville 09/05/2022
looking for anyone with fish they need to rehome for what ever reason always love to help and I love to make animals happy.
Cichlid Baby Fish
Trenton 08/05/2022
Cichlid babies ready for new homes, parents are 2-3” long. Have about 50-60 babies available. Asking $2 each. Or $1 each if you take all! Located in Havelock.
Waterfall segment for pond
Trenton 08/05/2022
Two resin waterfall pieces for backyard ponds Asking $20 can meet up for delivery Located north of Peterborough.
Blue & Honey Gouramis
Belleville 07/05/2022
Approximately 3inch maybe slightly bigger. Both plump both female.
Nicrew 18-24" extendable LED Light
Belleville 06/05/2022
Great condition aquarium light , light is 18" , extends to 24" has two settings blue and white/ blue mix, looks really nice just upgraded size. Pick up in tweed / madoc area, $15 firm
Albino Cory Catfish
Please Contact
Belleville 06/05/2022
* The Albino Corydoras Catfish is a very hardy fish that is often recommended to beginners looking for something a little different from the usual Plecostomus. Unlike the Pleco, the Albino Cory is ...
Adult Cherry fin Cichlid unknown m/f
Please Contact
Trenton 05/05/2022
Testing the waters looking to part with my Adult Cherry fin cichlid very good health and temperament had to separate from my severum cichlids because severums getting too aggressive so hes in a 10 ...
Osmocote root capsules
Belleville 05/05/2022
I have Osmocote root tabs for sale, much cheaper than Seachem and API root tabs. Slow release and lasts 3 months. 20 capsules $10 Call or text
Trenton 04/05/2022
I have some brine shrimp eggs for sale. It has been opened and about half has been used. I have had no problems with hatching and the quality is great. I used them as fry food when breeding fish. The ...
Big Angelfish $40 obo
Belleville 04/05/2022
Looking to sell this big angelfish. Healthy and ready to go. I can't have 2 males in my tank. $40 obo. Pickup in Trenton just bring a 5 gallon bucket with you.
OB PEACOCK BABIES     {African Cichlids}
Please Contact
Trenton 03/05/2022
Picture is of the breeder male He is A *German Import * And Pictures of some of the babies . 1–3” Fry Non Sexed Pm me for more details Various sizes some showing little colour but they are babies so ...
Please Contact
Belleville 02/05/2022
If you have any you no longer want eating your fish..let me know!! I may be able to help you out
Please Contact
Trenton 02/05/2022
Looking for a green terror will trade other cichlids for it
wtb Cichlids.
Please Contact
Trenton 02/05/2022
Looking for cichlids Demasoni johannni labs peacocks haps Let me know what type u have for sale Also have 5 young convict cichlids I would trade
Please Contact
Trenton 01/05/2022
Red shoulders 2.5-4 inches OB’s 2.5-4 inches German reds 4 inches Mainganos 1.5 inches Blood dragons 1.5 inches White top haras 1-2.5 inches Kenyi 3 inches
Baby axolotls for sell
Belleville 01/05/2022
I have baby axolotls for sell. They hatched Jan 11th. $15 each or trades accepted as well.
Red Garras ( Doctor Fish) for sale
Trenton 30/04/2022
I have 4 red garras for sale. Very healthy and non aggressive. They will clean up all leftovers. Selling as a group
Aquatic plants
Belleville 30/04/2022
Half a dozen varieties of aquarium plants for $20!Enough to get them all established in your aquarium!Large portions!
75 Gallon Aquarium For Sale
Trenton 30/04/2022
It is 21” tall 18” deep Just over 4’long Also includes a mesh lid
Saltwater aquarium additives, food, and supplies at T pets
Please Contact
Belleville 28/04/2022
Get all your saltwater supplies and more at Tyrannosaurus pets Belleville, we have a wide range of products to keep and maintain your saltwater aquarium, and if we don't have the product you need, ...
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