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Lots of fish for sale!
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Belleville < 7 hours ago
Many fish for sale! Juvenile Flowerhorn - $40 (see end picture for mature Flowehorn) Red Crayfish - $40 Glowfish Tetras- $15 each (5 avail - lot price is $55) Senegals (dinosaur fish) - $40 each. (2 ...
Cichlids and tank with all assessories and stand
Belleville < 19 hours ago
Please take them away. I am moving and they need a good home. Also selling 75 G tank with Fluvial filter, stand, heater, all decorations, EVERYTHING FOR $250. CICHLIDS: German reds and Ngara ...
Neon tetras rehoming
Belleville < 20 hours ago
I have four neon tetras that are perfectly healthy that I was initially planning on stocking my 10gal aquarium with but just recently discovered a different micro schooling fish that I like more but ...
30 gallon with Oscar
Belleville 25/11/2021
Fairly new fish tank with a Oscar and fan tailed gold fish. They are tank mates and will not separate. Located and pick up in picton.
Free fish
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Belleville 25/11/2021
2 large goldfish, 1 small white and orange goldfish and two barbs (rosy or tiger I think). My tank has a leak and I don’t have another large enough for them. Pick up in Stirling.
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Belleville 25/11/2021
I have a pleco that had been occupying a larger tank but it sprung a leak. He is way too big for the temporary 55 gallon he is in now. Make a cash offer. Willing o trade for other fish or possibly ...
35g set up
Belleville 25/11/2021
Good quality tank 36x18x12 Price is firm. Pick up in Hillier. If the ad is up it's available. Includes: -tank -black cabinet -light hood with new bulbs -substrate -canister filter -glass covers.
70g set up
Belleville 25/11/2021
70 gallons Price is firm. Pick up in Hillier. If the ad is up it's available. Comes with: -tank -stand -sand -hob filter -heater 3 cichilds are optional
Koi Fish- $3 to $14 Locally raised Blue, white, orange, spotted
Belleville 22/11/2021
Locally raised koi fish blue, white, orange, black, Prices for one colour fish - blue, white , orange or blue with grey back : 2 to 3.5 inch long $5 or 3 for $10 4 to 5 inch long $9 each or 4 for $25 ...
Koi - locally raised 6-8" orange or blue $12 & spotted $14
Belleville 22/11/2021
Locally raised koi fish - black spotted, 6 to 8 inch long $14 Orange, white or blue Koi - 6 to 8 inch 2 for $24 Suitable for ponds or aquariums. Healthy fish - no new ones introduced for several ...
45 gallon fish tank with everything you will need
Belleville 21/11/2021
This is a nice setup with an upgraded filter systems and everything you will need, two large Oscars are included in the price if you want them.
45 gallon corner fish tank with two big Oscars
Belleville 21/11/2021
Complete set up with upgrated ultra light filter system. This comes Complete with everything you will need. Two lg Oscars are optional but included in the price if you want them. Cheers
10 gallon tank for sale
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Belleville 21/11/2021
10g Tank with glass lid for sale only tank lid and substrate for sale no plants or decor in the tank. Back glass is painted black, the substrate is good for growing live plants as seen in photo. Can ...
Fish tank supplies
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Belleville 17/11/2021
Rock decor $30 Dragon statue $10 Air pump $20 Air stone $10 2 Heaters $5 Fake plant $5 Filter $30 If add is up it’s still available
An anenome for saltwater tanks at Tyrannosaurus pets.
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Belleville 16/11/2021
Saltwater fish, anemones, salt, and all necessary supplies as well as Coral frags and more. Come see us at 292 front Street downtown Belleville Ontario we are Tyrannosaurus pets!
Large lionfish at Tyrannosaurus pets
Belleville 16/11/2021
A beautiful extra large lionfish for sale at Tyrannosaurus pets. If you have a large saltwater tank and wanted to add this incredible creature to your tank visit us at 292 front Street downtown ...
8 gallon Hexagon glow tank
Belleville 15/11/2021
8 gallon hexagon glow tank for sale. Tank is new and only had it set up for couple months. I have upgraded to bigger tank and still have the box and all the accessories that come with it for a full ...
Saltwater fish, coral, and all supplies at Tyrannosaurus pets
Please Contact
Belleville 09/11/2021
Visit us at 292 front Street downtown Belleville Ontario for all your saltwater aquarium needs. We have a good selection of saltwater fish, corals, and even some pre-setup ready to go tanks.
Aquarium plant. Java moss
Belleville 07/11/2021
Aquarium java moss. Easy to grow. Great for baby fry to hide in. Can be attached to many different items to create beautiful landscape or left loose in a tank. You get a sandwich bag approx half full ...
3 for 5$  Assorted fancy guppies
Belleville 06/11/2021
Male and female guppies. Different colors. 3 for 5$. If you are reading this ad they are still available
75G Led Aquarium Kit
Belleville 05/11/2021
-75 G Aquarium -Led Light With Remote(Does 20 Colours) -Heater -Air pump -Diy Lids -Power Filter -Back Ground (48"x18"x21") $ 180 Firm Pickup Only
Live Coral Frags
Belleville 04/11/2021
I have frags and some bigger acro pieces that I can cut to order. Free Pumping Xenia with any purchase Montipora stellata - $15 BIG Montipora digitata - $10 Montipora capricornus - red $15 (1 only) ...
Aquarium sealant, epoxy etc.
Belleville 31/10/2021
Wave maker Hold fast epoxy stick Aquarium sealant Eheim 3 m 12/16 mm plastic hose Pick up only
20 gallon fish tank with fish!
Belleville 28/10/2021
Amazing 20 gallon fishtank comes with about 18 fish or so also has an air pump with volcano and driftwood has an automatic feeder aswell comes with 5 or 7 guppies 1 platty three glo fish 2 zebra ...
Mystery Snails
Belleville 19/10/2021
Mystery snails $1 each. Shells are a bit thin but they are doing well.
cichlids fish
Belleville 05/10/2021
cichlids fish some have blue on them
Shrimpies- neocaridina, cherry shrimp, tiger shrimp!
Belleville 04/10/2021
Many of my little dudes didn’t make it when I had a tank sitter- so we’re doing a skittles experiment (turning them wild and adding them together) Eventually I will be picking colours and restarting, ...
Home for small freshwater fish
Belleville 03/10/2021
Hello I am looking for a few small community freshwater fish to add to my tank. Looking for Molly's, plattys , guppys ,tetras and possibly a few others. Not looking to spend alot
Looking for more fish
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Belleville 02/10/2021
Looking for guppies mollies and platies that need a home healthy my daughter loves fish
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