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Albino Bristle Nose Pleco Fishes
Montague < 30 minutes ago
Several albino bristle nose pleco fishes of different sizes. They're great cleaners and will eat the alguea in your aquarium. Bring a container. Located in Cardigan.
Albino Bristlenose Pleco
Summerside < 11 hours ago
Albino Bristlenose Pleco - Ancistrus cf. cirrhosus "Albino" $5 each
Baby dalmatian mollies
Charlottetown 16/05/2022
Dalmatian molly babies 5$ each
40 gallon aquarium
Summerside 16/05/2022
Comes with filter heater gravel clip on light and lid and the burnt out light fixture for the tank also comes with stand!
Full Metallic Blue Guppies - Males
Summerside 14/05/2022
Full Metallic Blue Guppies. Only males for sale. These are an imported guppy strain from Thailand. $10 each
75 gallon tank everything included
Charlottetown 14/05/2022
75 gallon tank with stand gravel and decor, lots of live plants. Comes with 2 filters one is a hob filter and the other is a spray bar. Lighting fixture come with also auto timer 3 diffrent settings ...
Yellow shrimp
Summerside 13/05/2022
Looking for shrimp, preferably yellow!
Baby crawfish
Charlottetown 11/05/2022
Baby marble crawfish 5$ each A few adults available aswell 15$ for adults Massage for details
Java ferns.
Charlottetown 11/05/2022
I have a few java fern starts from my host plant. Good root system on them now. $5.00 per plant. pick up in downtown ch'town.
20$ or Best offer takes them
Charlottetown 10/05/2022
About 20 guppies prob honestly more … comes with the , tank , air hose an light up bubbler , I may have the filter laying around somewhere . 20$ or best offer or it all . Sick of looking at it
Peices off my plant its abit overgrown
Summerside 10/05/2022
Peices of aquarium plant
KOI Fish
Please Contact
Charlottetown 09/05/2022
KOI fish, ranging from 1" to 3" in size. $6 ea - 2 for $10 or 5 for $20.
Blue Shrimp
Summerside 08/05/2022
I have lots of blue shrimp for sale. $5 each. Can add on giant almond leaf for extra $5 the shrimp love to eat this Pick up in Summerside!
Marine Aquarium Corals
Charlottetown 07/05/2022
Salt water Coral & Live Rock, Parting out setup, has to go.. FREE take it all home…
20 gallon fish tank with accessories*JUST ADD FISH*
Summerside 07/05/2022
20 gallon fish tank with lid, lights, filter, heater and all the decor you see inside included. No leaks. Great beginner set up Send me a message for any extra details $120 OBO
Endler guppies and fry
Charlottetown 06/05/2022
Fry $1.50 Adults $2 Great to watch grow up and so cute Male and female adults available
Fluval flex aquariums taking best offer
Please Contact
Charlottetown 05/05/2022
I have 3 aquariums available, 20g and 9g. 20g is 180 OBO 9g is 100 OBO
55 gal tall fish tank an accessorry
Summerside 04/05/2022
Selling 55 gal tall aquarium . With accessorys . Brand new filter used a week an a half . 60 $$$$$
fish tank plus fish and hoses x
Charlottetown 04/05/2022
have a 50 gallon fish tank for sale for 250.00 as i am moving and cannot take it with me. All fish will go with it 1 parrot fish, 2 large oscars, a smaller oscar and numerous chilid fish plus the ...
20 gallon long fish aquarium
Charlottetown 03/05/2022
30" long x 12" deep x 12" tall Nice clean tank, comes with clear lid, light and filter. Asking $120 obo
Assassin Snails
Charlottetown 01/05/2022
5 for $10 or 12 for $20. Located in Charlottetown. Great for dealing with pest snails. Used an image from the internet to show their colours.
Cherry Shrimp
Charlottetown 01/05/2022
Decided to sell some cherry shrimp. 6 for $15 or 15 for $30. Located in Charlottetown.
Blue Velvet/Sakura Shrimp culls
Summerside 29/04/2022
These are just the ones with less colour or transparent because I used to keep my shrimp on a light substrate. Just as hardy and lively as full-colour shrimp! There are some unique patterns on some ...
40 gallon with metal stand for sale. Reduced to $150
Charlottetown 29/04/2022
For sale: 40 gallon (36x12x21) with metal stand. Fluval filter, siphon, light, substrate and other odds and ends included. $150. Message me if interested. Located in Charlottetown.
Jewel fish
Summerside 29/04/2022
Jewel fish 1 to 2 inches $5.00 each
Albino Short Fin Bristlenose
Charlottetown 26/04/2022
I have a few various sizes of fry depending on what tank buddies they will be living with. $6 each or 2 for $10 Located in Warren Grove
Cherry Shrimp
Charlottetown 26/04/2022
Cherry Shrimp are the cutest little guys to sit back and watch. The are quite active and usually out and about scavenging around for food. $3 each or 20 for $50 Located in Warren Grove
Albino Long Fin Bristlenose
Charlottetown 26/04/2022
These guys are beautiful with their long flowing fins. The are the true red eyed albino bristlenose. $8 each or 2 for $14 Located in Warren Grove
Fish tank for sale
Charlottetown 22/04/2022
20 gallon fish tank with led light , filter and heater is available for sale. All of decoration things and stones as shown in picture are coming with it . I have fish flakes and water conditioner ...
Bronze Corys
Summerside 21/04/2022
Bronze corys ~1.5 inches 5$each or 5 for 20$
Young Angel fish
Summerside 21/04/2022
Young assorted Angel fish 1.5-2.5 inch 5$ each
Fish tanks
Please Contact
Charlottetown 18/04/2022
I have 3 aquariums available, a 9 gallon fluval flex, a 20 gallon fluval flex that just needs to be re-sealed, and a top fin retreat. 9 gallon is 180 new, asking 150 20 gallon is 210 new, asking 180 ...
Bug bites food.
Charlottetown 16/04/2022
Hardly any used from either. One small sized pellets and one medium. Perfect for bettas 3.50 each
Baby Goldfish for sale
Summerside 14/04/2022
We have 30 baby goldfish left for sale! They hatched on July 5th 2021! They will be orange, black or white or some will be a mix of all three colours! They will get their colours in fully at around 1 ...
Will take unwanted fish!
Please Contact
Summerside 13/04/2022
Willing to take any unwanted fish!
Black Bar Endler’s Livebearers
Summerside 11/04/2022
Lots of juvenile Endler’s Livebearers. They’re almost just like guppies but even smaller and some different colours and patterns. Way less common than guppies too, virtually extinct in the wild. ...
2lbs Omega One 3mm Floating Cichlid Pellets (Fish Food)
Charlottetown 07/04/2022
Bought wrong size and too late to return. Paid $41.25, asking $35. Located in Sherwood. No long holds.
Convict cichlid
Charlottetown 06/04/2022
Unfortunately I'm rehoming my convict cichlid Asking 5$
Large Oscar
Charlottetown 02/04/2022
young healthy Oscar, sold my big tank now he's in a smaller tank, needs 50 plus gallon tank
4 Sunshine Peacock Cichlid Fish
Charlottetown 30/03/2022
Fish are 1 inch and unsexed, around 40-50 available and will sell them in groups of 4 for $10 Actual photo of 1 of the larger fish
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