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Free Guppies
Summerside < 16 hours ago
i have outgrown my tank so giving away 6 weeks old guppy fry for free
2 angelfish for rehoming
Summerside 04/07/2022
2 angels to rehome. Separate or together either way works with me $5 each Pm for more info
Beautiful Betta fish looking for new home
Summerside 03/07/2022
2 betta fish for rehoming. $5 each 1 red veil tail 1 blue veil tail Please pm for more info
Fish tank
Summerside 27/06/2022
Debating on selling my 125 G fish tank Got 2 oscars 9 clown loaches 3 huge silver dollars 3 huge plecos Spot pleco catfish 2 upside down catfish Jack demp spotted catfish 1 red devil 1 pike 3 ...
75 gallon fish tank
Summerside 25/06/2022
Have a 75 gallon fish tank with a stand that comes with 2 caves, trees, and a filter ( need new filter cartridges and gravol) asking 350
Blue Velvet/Sakura Shrimp culls
Summerside 24/06/2022
These are just the ones with less colour or transparent because I used to keep my shrimp on a light substrate. Just as hardy and lively as full-colour shrimp! There are some unique patterns on some ...
Jewel fish
Summerside 23/06/2022
Jewel fish 1 to 2 inches $5.00 each
Fish aquarium and fish fir sale
Summerside 20/06/2022
Big fish tank with live sickle, guppy, male Bata and plecca, comes with stand with 4 doors plus the 5th droor slide out part, has 2 filters with food and cleaning tube. Only reason for selling is I'm ...
Freshwater stock for rehoming!
Please Contact
Summerside 12/06/2022
2 mature angel fish. Female and male, but completely unproblematic within my 60 gal community tank. 2 mature sunburst mollies. 1 mature black molly. Mature GLO-FISH ~ 2 red 2 pink 2 yellow 3 purple ...
Looking for green jade and red shrimp
Summerside 12/06/2022
Looking for coloured shrimp.
Angels tricolor
Summerside 12/06/2022
Orange black and white angelfish they are 2-3 inches in size there are 3 available if add is still up fish are still available 5$ each
Baby goldfish
Summerside 11/06/2022
Looking for new homes. Almost a year old. There is only 20 left! $5 each goldfish
Black Bar Endler’s Livebearers
Summerside 06/06/2022
Lots of juvenile Endler’s Livebearers. They’re almost just like guppies but even smaller and some different colours and patterns. Way less common than guppies too, virtually extinct in the wild. ...
Tiger Hillstream Loach
Summerside 25/05/2022
Tiger hillstream loach Sewellia lineolata Juvenile fish ~approx 0.75" $25 each Tank bred
Fry coming soon,pearl white convicts cichlids
Summerside 23/05/2022
Mother and father seen as well as fertile eggs in photos.when Fry are ready to go will be $2 each or 12/$20.00
Marbled Crayfish
Summerside 23/05/2022
Marbled Crayfish $10 Approx 1" juveniles.
Red/Pink Ram’s Horn Snails
Summerside 21/05/2022
Red/Pink Ram’s Horn snails for 4/$1 for small ones and $0.50 for big ones. In big numbers I’ll give you a bulk deal. They’re all healthy and disease-free. They make great tank cleaners when they get ...
Albino Bristlenose Pleco
Summerside 17/05/2022
Albino Bristlenose Pleco - Ancistrus cf. cirrhosus "Albino" $5 each
Blue Shrimp
Summerside 08/05/2022
I have lots of blue shrimp for sale. $5 each. Can add on giant almond leaf for extra $5 the shrimp love to eat this Pick up in Summerside!
20 gallon fish tank with accessories*JUST ADD FISH*
Summerside 07/05/2022
20 gallon fish tank with lid, lights, filter, heater and all the decor you see inside included. No leaks. Great beginner set up Send me a message for any extra details $120 OBO
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